which way sould be best

i have a adcom 5800 amp and it has the speaker post to run bywire. i also have some platium audio 808s that are also biwire. i got some ar pro 14/4 wire from audio advisers, im running it in the bywire mode from speakers,should i (a)...run it the same way from amp useing all 4 outlets in by wire fig or (b)......internal biwire the speaker cables at amp and use only the main out per each channel. and witch way is supose to be better sound wise? stupid maybe but i talk to people that messes my head up i was running it where all 4 wires on each channel was in its on connection isnt that shotgun config
This unfortunitely is a question only you can answer. All systems, cables, electrical conditions, etc, vary. There is not one size fits all answer to your question.

If you decide NOT to bi-wire, then use good qualty jumpers between the posts. The typical factory metal jumpers are not the best.

I bi-wire in two (of four) systems, and I am happy with the results.