Which Wadia a better buy in value terms?

I hv been offered two mint condition CDPs - a Wadia 850 (first owner, about 2 years) for $2,300 and a Wadia 860 (more than 2 years, probably 2nd owner) for $3,700. I can't decide which to go for...while I don't mind paying slightly more for the 860 so that I enjoy "upgrad-a-bility" to a 861 later, I wonder if I should just settle for the 850 and forget about the hype! Could you share with me the REAL sonic difference between the two i.e. 850 & 860 and is the premium worth it? Much thanks.
Wadia is out of business. I suggest caution when buying used Wadia equipment since repairs may not be possible. cheers...
Actually a Resolution Audio CD 55 is a better value than either of those choices
Could you share with me the REAL sonic difference between the two i.e. 850 & 860 and is the premium worth it? Much thanks.
The 850 sounds like a good deal, you probably won't lose on that one. I have an 860x though I have not tried the 850. Your remarks in regards to the upgradability to 861 is a valid one. The reports of 860 to 861 owners suggests that it is a substantial improvment. I have also owned the Resolution CD 50 and in my opinion it is not as good as the Wadia 860. Many of the features that separate the 850 and 860 are Digital inputs (an option on the 850) and the 860 has a more sophisticated display. The transport mechnanisms are diffrent as well. Good luck.
hgeifman--i was under the impression that wadia is not "out of business". but, instead is undergoing a re-organization. furthermore, i was told the new entity, to be managed by a number of former wadia-types, will honor outstanding wadia warranties and will service wadia machines out of warranty. is this different than your understanding? dated info perhaps? thanks.
I do not think Wadia is out of business. I read the original investors wanted out, so they are reorganizing. Will be back soon.
stereohile has an article describing the wadia situation. it seems the planned reorganization (read: managmement buy-out and relocation to ann arbor, mi as previously reported) did not transpire. instead, wadia's controlling investor has purchased the ownership interest they did not already possess. operations have shut down as the owners look for potential buyers. no mention as to how existing product warranties will be treated. however, no new products will be introduced. i'm a pretty cynical guy and doubt the purchaser, who ever they end up to be, will be up to scratch. that said, levinson carries on in the tradition under which it was created without mark (now of red rose). perhaps there's hope yet.
There you have it! 1000 answers are 1000 new questions. I am perfectly happy with my 850 24/96 machine. The only upgrade I really fancy is the 270/27ix. My humble opinion is: forget everything else than a WADIA - I heard so many but those guys know/knew? about the best digital source! Cheers
If you really want the truth instead of opinions,most of them b.s. call steve huntley at area 651-578-0657.Steve worked for Wadia for many years his business is repair and upgrade to wadia and arc products .When I spoke to him yesterday he was on his way to the wadia factory to pick up parts.
Yea, Steve has an (at least?) intrim contract to manage all service and support for Wadia products during their "reorganization." He also does customized upgrades to all Wadia models that are proported to take them well beyond the stock, factory upgrades (which I assume he does as well at the moment). This, in a clear sense, could address concerns regarding the "non-upgradability" of the 850. He'd be happy to upgrade one.
I have heard a Wadia 860x in may system (audio artistry-Rowland) and it was very good. But the new Muse 9 signature CDP was better in every aspect. At 3800$ its a stellar performer!!