Which VTF Scale are you using?

I had been using a $30 Riverstone scale that I bought from Amazon but I dropped it and it's no more. What should I get now? The Riverstone is decent but finicky.
I just use the Shure stylus force gauge at the set-up.  Then I make fine adjustments with a familiar album.  Then recheck after the fine adjustment.  It has always been within the manufacture's recommended force.  I think spending the time on the alignment of the cartridge is more important than the accuracy of the stylist force. (as long it not to heavy)  
@mijostyn. Thanks for pointing this out, However my scale is clearly marked "Made in Japan." I have tried multiple Chinese products that were inexpensive, but all were inaccurate and risked to damage my cartridges or the TT was not tuned right. I only use two scales. The Ortofon I recommended earlier and an old version of the Clear Audio digital scale, which I bought 20 years ago and still works fine. Both are tested for accuracy often and they have never let me down. My two cents. 
Btw, the link I posted above from the Ortofon site includes VAT ca 20% which is removed when shipped out of EU.