Which VTF Scale are you using?

I had been using a $30 Riverstone scale that I bought from Amazon but I dropped it and it's no more. What should I get now? The Riverstone is decent but finicky.
That one DOES indeed resemble the Ortofon DS3, except for the weigh pan shape.  It's a good candidate for you, if you want an upgrade from the Riverstone. I can't believe how cheap those Chinese-made digital scales (see my URL above) have become since I bought my version of one. 
I use a cheap ($15) scale I bought for measuring cure for meats. It's accurate to 0.01g (well, probably 0.02). Conveniently, when I set it on my plinth, the top is the same height as my platter.
So apparently the apparent weight of meat is not accurate, when the weigh pan is not at the level of the LP surface.  Interesting.
I just use the Shure stylus force gauge at the set-up.  Then I make fine adjustments with a familiar album.  Then recheck after the fine adjustment.  It has always been within the manufacture's recommended force.  I think spending the time on the alignment of the cartridge is more important than the accuracy of the stylist force. (as long it not to heavy)