Which VTF Scale are you using?

I had been using a $30 Riverstone scale that I bought from Amazon but I dropped it and it's no more. What should I get now? The Riverstone is decent but finicky.

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So apparently the apparent weight of meat is not accurate, when the weigh pan is not at the level of the LP surface.  Interesting.
In my opinion, in this modern era , it is foolish to use a Shure stylus force gauge, when for the same cost or maybe a little bit more one can have a digital scale. Iused the Shure scale for 35 years, so I certainly am not making fun of anyone who still uses it. But it is evident from experience that a decent digital scale gives you a far more accurate and repeatable result. So much about using the mechanical scale is a matter of judgment just to begin with, not to mention the friction at the pivot point which also is a source of inaccuracy. Further, The sliding weights that counterbalance the cartridge are very difficult to place exactly. Anyway, you can spend from $30 to probably 250 or more dollars for a digital scale, but I think odds are they are all the same inside. I use the Ortofon DS3 digital scale, because it appears to be a quality product and it gives accuracy within .01 g. Try that with a shure scale. But there is no need to spend big bucks for a digital scale, like I said. The Riverstone seems to be the cheapest ever, so if you don’t like it spend a little bit more and get something you do like.
That one DOES indeed resemble the Ortofon DS3, except for the weigh pan shape.  It's a good candidate for you, if you want an upgrade from the Riverstone. I can't believe how cheap those Chinese-made digital scales (see my URL above) have become since I bought my version of one. 
fsonic, I hope your Lyra is "singing", not "signing".  Music is no fun when translated into hand gestures.  (A little time out for humor here.)
Mijostyn, Can you provide a URL to the gauge that looks just like the Ortofon DS3, only cheaper?  I bought the Ortofon only because I was in Tokyo, and there it was on shelf, for sale at a cost much less than the US price or even mail order prices.  I had to have some trophy to show for my trip that would fit in my luggage.  So I bought the DS3 and a few carbon fiber headshells, also much cheaper there than here.  Normally, I would not have paid so much as our local DS3 prices, for a stylus force gauge.  On the other hand, it's been superb in use.  I also own three Shure SFGs (lord knows how that happened) and one of the more conventional Chinese made digital gauges that I used for a while before discovering that with certain LOMCs that contain very powerful magnet structures, the cartridge could be attracted to the weigh pan.  Almost killed my Ortofon MC2000 that way.  But only the MC2000 seemed to cause the problem of all my cartridges.  That is something that everyone should be aware of in selecting a digital SFG; the weigh pan must not be ferrous.  Since this was one of the more expensive of the Chinese types (see URL below; there are many versions that look just like this one), I wonder whether they all potentially will have this issue, but again, only with very powerful magnet structures in the cartridge, which means very LOMCs.  The Ortofon DS3, incidentally, has no such problem.http://www.ebay.com/itm/Digital-LCD-Turntable-Cartridge-Stylus-Tracking-Force-Scale-Gauge-0-01g-Accurate/393123171892?hash=item5b87f78e34:g:zLwAAOSwULZgHhZv
Mijostyn, I just searched for the HiFiGuy digital stylus force gauge on Amazon, and what comes up is exactly like the digital SFGs on eBay, for which I provided a URL as an example in my above post.  That is not at all like the Ortofon DS3, which is shown in the URL provided by Vassilis, above. What makes you say otherwise?  Funnily enough, Amazon wants about $4 more for it (or 33% more) than do any of the vendors on eBay for the same item, even the same brand name.  Typical of their mark-up.
Jokes on me; I paid $100 for my older digital SFG (not the DS3), about twice the then going rate, because mine has an all-metal body.