Which vintage Craig's list speaker pair would you buy and why?

PSB Century 600i or PSB Stratus Bronze?

Use in a man cave (basement) without a subwoofer 20 x 16 x 8.

Pure stereo 2.0 install.

Music; Pacific Reggae, 1980s Uk, some country, some classic 1970s

Stratus bronze is higher up on the line if I’m not mistaken.  i’ve heard the Golds and they sounded nice.  The bronze uses the same tweeter.  They were laid back even with the metal dome tweeter.
No brainer.  Go with the bronze 
Craigs list has junk and people that rip you off.Why would you use it??
ebm - Actually I have had better luck on Craigslist than on this site. Although there are some people on Craigslist that are dishonest and some stuff is junk, that is the case anywhere and you can filter that out quickly by talking to the person. At least on Craigslist the stuff is local and you can see it and here it.  Unlike this site where I don't know how many times I have received misrepresented equipment through the years.
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Done fine off Craigslist but it was in town so I could see and hear the pieces before making an offer. Picked up my Pass Labs amp and Aerial Acoustics speakers that way. Sold a pair of Apogee speakers on there as well. Lately I’ve done well with Facebook Market and actually find there’s better equipment there and you can find out a little about the seller before contacting them.