Which vintage amp would you keep? Mark Levinson No 23.5 or Krell 400cx?

I have too much gear and want to sell off some of it off. Would you keep a Mark Levinson 23.5 or Krell FPB 400CX. Which one would you sell?
I am tempted to say Krell, but it all depends on the system context; care to share more info?
Which amp is most reliable and wont break. Of those 2 amps which one would hold its value more. 
I don't know about the Krell unit, but there is a very nice market for a 23.5.  To me, it is an outstanding amp even in today's world.

The krell 400cx is ten years newer than the 23.5 but I think the Krell has micro processing for bias that may not be able to be repaired if it breaks. So I was wondering which of these old amps would you hold onto. 
FWIW, I very much like the Krell house sound. I don't much care for the Levinson house sound. I am under the impression that, though expensive, Krell's customer service is very good. I am under the impression the Levinson's customer service is not very good.