Which very dynamic speakers would you recommend?

Rega Planet 2000/McCormack/Parasound
Rock, blues, jazz...
Keep Canada green, buy a pair of Paradigm Studio 100 v2s.

Affordable. Good beyond their price and big enough to give you extended low frequency response and efficient enough to provide excellent dynamics. To alleviate any fear of the tweeters, may I recommend a simple tweak I made to mine: get some self-adhesive felt (black is the best since it does not call attention to itself) carefully cut it with an X-Acto knife to match the outside diameter of the tweeter and apply it.

I can't say I heard any marked improvements, but it can't hoit.

The number of speakers available is considerable. The one thing you owe to yourself is to evaluate each pair in conditions as near to the actual listening conditions existing in your home as possible. Your own room is the ideal. Use only recorded material you know very well and don't let the retailer go through his usual demo shtick to steer you to what he has in stock or provides him with the best markup. Avoid the flavour of the week syndrome. Buy a product from an established manufacturer.

I will not get into a discussion over the meaning of "dynamic" as this could lead to endless debate. I use it in the true meaning of the term: an ability to follow the changes in volume of the music at realistic volume levels at the range of frequencies that count. To fellow 'Agon devotees, don't bother me with such things a "microdynamics", "mid-range bloom", "back to front depth" "width of image" "inner detail" (as opposed to "outer detail" I guess) etc. or how many angels can dance on the head of a pin: this person said "dynamic", remember. Buy dynamic speakers (no joke, I mean the ones with cone/dome drivers, magnets, a dreaded x-over and a box to clothes the whole shebang), the other types will cause you more grief than they are worth. Oh, and if you want something that looks like a smoked ham, give Norh a smell, eugh, listen.
I second Pbb's motion enthusiastically. Paradigm is a brand that some audiophiles love to hate because (1) they sell a lot of speakers and (2) they are a Big Corporation.

The reference series offers incredible value for money. The TOL Studio 100 has gone head to head many times with speakers selling for 2-5 times as much and has held its own admirably. I use them for HT but, you know, if I had to sell my 2-channel speakers life as I know it would not end.

Just a couple of things to keep in mind. First, they love power. Second, they aren't the best choice of quiet background music. They like to sing!
Pbb is dead on -- try it in your own environment if at all possible. I like the 100 v2 as well. If you like something with more presence, try one of the Thiels (the 2.3 is very nice). If you like something super smooth throughout, check out the Montana line-up. Good luck.
By the way, if you can't find the self-adhesive felt, you can buy tweeter surrounds for $10 or so here on Audiogon -- look for the billboard.
The Paradigms are an excellent choice. For the types of music you like you might want to give the less expensive Alons an audition as well; very open sounding and dynamic.
Goodgirl,I live in UK now and I would recommend you Paradigm as well..It depends on how much you want to pay..I also use Paradigm Studio 100..they are quite good..In fact they are unbeatable up to 5000 $ speaker range..bass is tight and deep..and Paradigm is very musical.I respect this company a lot for producing good and affordable speakers..
but if you can spend 5000 or 6000 USA$ then you should go for VMPS RM40 or Legacy Audio Focus ..Below 5000 $ don't buy anything else than Paradigm ..
Based on your existing equiptment, try Kef Cresta 2 or 3s. They are cheap and clear sounding with good tonal balance. If you are planning to upgrade your electronics, buy the best speaker you can afford. I do not find the Paradigms dynamic at all. They are dull, distant, with very little low level resolution and definitely lacking in "prescence."
Paradigm Studio 100v2. You can buy them brand new in Canada cheaper than if you were to buy them used in the States... The only problem is that they're big... Hard to cary on the other side of the borders...

If you can spend $4,500 US, there is someone that sells a pair of Verity Audio Fidelio. I sold my Paradigm for a pair of Fidelio. The Fidelio are 5 stars speakers for the price...
I second the Legacy Audio recommendation if you want to go higher than Paradigm. I have been a Paradigm owner for a while and would always recommend their line.

In the real expensive category, check out the Avante Garde horns
how much would you like to spend?
Try not to be so verbose with these questions, ok?
Price range:
Under $500 NHT SB-3
$500 - $750 B&W 602S3
$750 - $1000 B&W 602S3 and a 10-12" subwoofer
$1k - $1500 - B&W 605S2 these have built-in powered subs(used or demo)They were $2k new but recently discontinued.
$1500 - $2k Northcreek Rhythm 9500 kit and cabinets if you are handy with tools or can find someone who is to help you.
Here is the link: http://www.northcreekmusic.com/NorthCreekKits.html

$2k - $3K Rhythm 9500 Unlimited Kit or Revelator Kit.

$3.5K NHT T6 system (but only if you don't live in a townhouse or apt).
This system can rock your block.
I second the Northcreek recommendation by the Audiopath.

I remain,
I would recommend giving the Snell E.5 towers a listen. Tight, deep bass, good imaging and play all types of music well.

I don't have personal experience with them but I'd guess Klipsch would suit the bill.