Which version of Bottesini Concerto 2 in b minor?

I heard Double Bass Concerto #2 in B minor by Giovanni Bottesini on Sirius radio. This is the only info it gave. It sounded great and I want to purchase the cd. Anyone have comment on their favorite version on cd or sacd? Hopefully that will be the one I heard. I did email the DJ at Sirius but still no reply.
The Opus 3 recording with Thorvald Fredin, double bass, is quite good: Opus 3, 8522.
Thanks Rushton! I just ordered it.
Giovanni Bottesini (1821-1889) was a composer, conductor, and player whose instrument was the double bass. He's just about the only composer who wrote a significant amount of music for that instrument, so he is the patron saint and favorite composer of bass players! You can find a worthwhile critical discussion/evaluation of different recorded performances of his works in Third Ear: Classical Music: The Listener's Companion, ed. Alexander J. Morin, 2002, 1201 pages, an excellent, surprisingly comprehensive guide to recorded classical music that avoids the pro-British bias and chauvinism of the Penguin Guide and the Gramophone Guide.
Just wanted to say thanks, again, Rushton and Texasdave. I am enjoying the Opus 3 SACD and waiting for the book to arrive. I also ordered the Edgar Meyer version of the Bottesini Concerto. That is the one I heard according to the DJ's on Sirius. Do you have any other recordings of Strings/Chamber music you would recommend also. Maybe I need some Mozart? I have the only Haydn SACD that I could find also on order.
Hi Dolfan. Glad to hear you've been enjoying the Bottesini recordings. As to other recommendations, I'm sure many people posting here could give you some suggestions, but the catalogue is VAST! Perhaps you could narrow your question to something we could be more helpful answering. As a starter, you might look at the following thread that contains links to a bunch of other threads about classical music recommendations: Great threads for music recommendations...