Which used tubed pre-amp & turntable for convert?

I am seriously considering going back to vinyl. Not happy with the system I have assembled:
Wadia 6 cd
Threshold T2 pre
Threshold T200 amp
Aerial 7B speakers
This combination sounds way too brite for my tastes. As the volume goes up it only gets worse. Everybody I have talked to or written to has suggested getting a tubed pre-amp. I also find myself wanting to try analog again (people who write about analog all sound so satisfied/fanatical even about their sound and I'm wondering if I am over digital). I listen to mostly rock (lots available on vinyl!). If I remove the T2 from my system, which used tubed preamp, phono stage and turntable would be good combination with the above? Phono stage could be in the pre-amp or seperate. Budget is $3000 to $4000. Where should most of the money go in this aquisition? I need some suggestions bad-my ears are bleeding!!!!
I can't speak for the Wadia or the Aerials, but the Threshold gear is not bright. I have a T2 and it is the best line stage I ever owned. It replaced a Levinson 380S (that it totally crushed). Your problems are somewhere else in the system. The problem may be the listening room or your cables or any other number of things. I feel you would be making a mistake removing the T2 from your system.

PS. Most rock music is not recorded very well and that may be where some of the brightness is coming from.
Preamp-MFA Luminescence- has killer phono stage.
TT- VPI 19Mk.III or higher with something other than
the cheap Rega or ET arms.
Buy a new medium output MC.
Stay away from used Linn LP12s,unless you
see and hear it first.
If you want a really nice tube preamp with a killer built in phono stage then look for a used Conrad Johnson PV-9a.
Can't say for sure as i've never heard a T-2, but Nelson's earliest preamps were all known for sounding bright and analytical. One relatively honest reviewer categorized them as being "painstakingly accurate". He ranked the Threshold 10 very highly right next to a relatively "euphonic" sounding tube preamp. One gave you the details while the other sounded veiled but more musical.

I would also agree that there are a LOT of bad "rock" recordings. As such, why not start at the source and check into a tubed or smoother sounding SS CD player ? I know that you may love your Wadia ( or at least the reputation and prestige ), but that doesn't mean that it is "right" for you or your system. Sean
You may want to keep the Audible Illusions M3A on your short list of pre-amps. It's a highly regarded pre with a good phono section for higher output cartridges OR get the optional (and excellent!!) Gold phono board for low output (<.9 mv) cartridges. Exceptional value and works well with both tube amps and better SS amps.

On the subject of turntables, well, enough has already been mentioned and plenty of good ones are out there in all price ranges. But DON'T skimp on the cartridge- a good MC should get the job done for you.

solid state is your problem. Pick up a used audible illusions m3 pre and an ayre v3 amp. this combo makes music( no i don't own the combo ) threshold is on the bright side. regardless of what your told. your ears don't lie. keep the wadia it is a strong player and is not bright. don't give up on the music you like just get a system that can play it
I'd like to thank you all for the responses. Rsfphil & Sean both mentioned what was originally my upgrade path. The system as it stands is just too revealing. I was planning to replace the Wadia 6 with a more musical cd player. It is the oldest piece of equipment I have (8 years old). And a cd player is where more changes/advances have occured. But the Wadia 6 already seems to be remarkable at resolving detail (20 bit 32times oversample). At first I ran the Wadia direct utilizing it's digital volume control. It can be engaging. But really too immediate or in your face. So I saved for months and then added the T2 (your basic trial and error route) Thought it would be a good match for the T200-made by same company. Its addition toned down the forwardness and gave me a discernable soundstage. Depth I did not have before. It is a good pre-amp. Many redbook CDs still seemed too bright though. So I tried to address the bad recordings by replacing domestic CDs with Japanese pressed CDs, a few MFSL CDs but mostly recent limited edition Japanese remastered CDs (ones done in the last 3 years). My logic being "more recent remasters would be using the most modern techniques and equipment". Some are HDCD some 20bit K2. Definately more detail but some of these are too bright, MFSL seems to be more musical. So I get a little closer to ANALOG.

...44,000+ ones and zeros every second sampling from the smooth curved sine wave of the original analog recording and I am getting closer...

Just thought I would try another direction. Years ago I was happy with vinyl (and my mass produced gear). Perhaps I should I just try a turntable and a seperate phono stage.

I am a tube man through and through I listen mostly to classic rock , and a lot of the recordings are harsh
the system is...

Conrad Johnson Premier 14
Sonic Frontiers Sfcd-1
VTL- ST150
Linn LP-12 with Grado
Sonic Frontiers Sig Phono

I think the LPs aound much smoother and more lifelike
I also like a lot of the MFSL or DCC gold discs them seem smoother.

Some tube gear is very revealing and can be a little scary.
I personally like the Conrad Johnson "softer" presentation
Very revealing great depth and soundstage but not scary!
The VTL Rocks !
So does the LP-12

I think that Tubes are definately easier to listen to... But, The only thing that matters is what YOU think.
My suggestion would be to drop 2k on a VPI table with a relatively basic arm and an Audio Research PH-3, which maximizes the extent to which your budget is directed toward your goal (versus a full preamp, when you already have a decent one). The cartridge choice can then either leave you in-budget (Grado) for an acceptable tube line stage, if thats what you decide you want, or slightly out of budget (say, Benz Glider, or, if you can find one used, the high output Transfiguration). Are proceeds from the sale of the Threshold already in the budget? If not, you could really add a nice tube linestage to the mix.
Audition Conrad Johnson