Which Used Spkr Cable 1-2m 1300-1500usd

Hi all, Advice needed.
I'm looking to replace my lowly Fadel Art Speaker Cables with something a little more substantial. I had in mind Kimber 3035 or Nordost Valhalla however I'm open to suggestions and don't think these should be the only cables to Look-Out for...
I am using Counterpoint NPS200 PowerAmps as Monoblocs and Dynaudio Contour 3 speakers.
I don't listen to classical and am only concerned with listening to cd's for the time being.

Many thanks in advance, Nick
There are two pair of (used) Purist Audio Design Venustas, 2.5m with spades for $1150 on AgoN right now and in my ever so humble opinion (and experience) they'd be way ahead of the other (over-hyped IMO) ones you're considering.
But why? Are you married? Do you have a SO? If yes to either, go on a vacation and forget fancy cables: they don't work!