Which used speakers $300 to $500 per pair?

The following speakers are available to me but not sure which one to really look at. The drive would be from an NAD 7600 or Luxman R117 or Rotel RB 990. Current is not an issue and the sonic traits of these unit would not make one speaker stay or go. Rotels can be a little thin .lean but not bad. AP Oval 9 (yellow and black)is the wire.

Infinity Kappa 7 Never heard them but used to sell the smaller ones when I worked in the biz
Infinity Kappa 7.1 Never heard these but seem to be
Def Tech BP 20 Heard these and while good might be alittle home theater tilted?
PSB Stratus Gold Never heard these.
Von Schweikert VR 2. I have tried to like these and they are good but not completly convinced.
Theil CS 2. Have not heard them in years but a little thin on the bottom and maybe not the best for rock or blues??
NHT 2.5i Very cool but kind of thin images
I know someone will bring up Vandersteen 2Ces I have had them 4 times and respect and enjoy them but not for me in the long run.
Any one compared any of these?? Thanks
I had the Infiniti 7 and the NHT and didn't care for either one. You're right about the Def Tech and the Theil. To me, most of the API speakers have a generic, bland sound, so I probably wouldn't like the PSB. But that's my best guess. To be honest, I don't remember what PSB models I have, or have not heard. That leaves the VR. If it were me, I would just take them by default as I've never owned a pair and they look OK.

Its funny you make note of the Vandersteen's. Its a speaker I would probably recommend, but in your case, I would not. Your electronics aren't up to the task. So I think its a good call not to go with them.
among the ones you've listed, for rock and blues i'd opt for the vr2s first and then the psb golds. if you can get either for <$500 you'd be doing well.
You know, if you really want to get best results, it would be a good idea to plan the whole system, and how everything will sound working together. If you go that route, its amazing at how good the sound quality can be investing a relatively small amount of money. Its definitely more work, but the results will be worth the time.