Which used Merlin VSM offers best bang for buck??

One can always send them back but wondering which series either MM or spending more for MX would make more sense.Super Bam I assume a must but the MXe is pretty pricey.I know it's like the 911 which is same rear wheel flat six but a C4 is bit different than a 1975 Carrera.Any Merlin owners want to chirp in?
IMHO, the super BAM really changes the character of the speaker. If you're going to place them out more than app 3 1/2' from the nearest wall, I'd say it's a must. If you're gonna put 'em closer to the walls, the SEs might be a practical option. IME, near wall placement causes imaging to suffer a bit, but Bobby has posted that he's had success with this placement by thoroughly damping the wall - something I couldn't do.

Either way, it's a great speaker.

Depends on what amp your will pair them with. If you are tube inclined, it's a broader question. If you use ss amp, the newer models are probably better suited.

I agree that the difference between BAM and SuperBAM was big. Your best bet is to speak with Bobby by phone, discuss your gear, budget and longer term thinking; he will lead you to a place where you will be comfortable.

IMO, avoid the flat black versions, as the clearcoat paints are indicative of future upgradability. Cheers,
Spencer's question is on point, what amp? Will you stick to SS or move to tubes? It makes a diiffence. Now the thing to know is that the later revisions of this classic speaker are always improvements, the Super BAM being among the most important. If you know you will eventually want the best version, I would get the latest MXe, but if you are going to stick with SS amplification the MMe is proabably a good choice and saving you a bit of money.
You're kidding right? Just get the one you can afford- you can't *go* wrong...
Here's more "talk-soup" to wade through. According the "Head Magician" or the "Grand Puba"(if you grew up watching the "Flintsones"),the TSM-MMe/MXe sounds better than the VSM-SE/Millenium and the MX. There are some for sale as I write this.
Of course you can return used MXs w/BAM to factory for lead-free upgrade & SuperBAM-- or mod them yourself.
Thanks again.Bobby told me (less sarcastically) that best is best.Said that used MXe is way to go if I can swing it as though there is the ability to upgrade and it will improve 100% lead out of sp[eaker or Super isn't possible.Guess I would shoot for MXe but it's about $1K more than I want to spend (I want to try to limit to $3500).But I will see.have heard older models are more tube freindly and vice versa but more so that newer works with SS best.Thought maybe trying one of the revealing (though dry) Wyred amp bargains.But if I stay with my EL34 EAR than maybe SE's.We'll see.have to dump some old Krell and pair of Odeon Horns to fund it first.
Thanks guys
Spend the extra $1000 and buy the MXe.

You'll be happy you did so, and you will soon forget the extra $1k.

chazzbo, what is best is best but it depends if you are the right person for it. there is no doubt that the vsm mme and mxe are the best sounding with ss and tubes that merlin has ever made. there is no doubt that i very slightly de tuned the vsm mme so that it is better sounding with ss or leaner tubes. also no doubt that the mxe is better sounding but with an all out tube system. the mme may still be the better speaker for you even with your present ear amp.
both speakers are 90% the same sounding with the mme being easier to get great sound out of with a lesser system. the mxe is capable of more but you need more to get it out of them.
the mxe is a little clearer, a little more open, resolved and continuous sounding. read the igor zamberlain review from italy concerning the mme and mxe in the fila reeview linked on my main page. top left.
anything from a vsm m can be upgraded to current product specs. but any speaker that was made with lead even though it is modified will not sound as good as an lf conceived of pair. the lead cannot be totally removed no matter how well the job is done.