Which Used CD Player for Under $1,500?

I have narrowed my choices to the following:

Arcam FMJ CD23
Musical Fidelity A-3.2
Cary CD-303-100
Cary CD-308T
Shanling CD-T100

Which would you select and why? Open to other suggestions.


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I too was looking at the Sim Equinox. It was my goal to do an in home audition with a Jolida JD-100 (I still may). However, as fate (or fortune) may have it I ran into an Alesis Masterlink 9600 CDP, Recorder, and HD unit. This one is a TRL mod and all I can say is that everything I have read and heard about TRL mods is true. Call it whatever you want, but I drank the Kool Ade, and now I'm on the bus enjoying every minute of it. Just for fun I'm alternating between the Alesis as a standalone and as a digtal output into my Audio Mirror DAC ($499 new on Audiogon). You can get a new Alesis ML 9600 for $800. The mod runs $550. Well worth checking out. TRL offers a money back guarantee on the mod.