Which USB Re Clocker

I have been very happy with my Innuos Zenith Mk 2 for several years. The sound  is excellent and ripping is child's play. I have been interested in adding the Phoenix Re Clocker for a couple of years, but for various reasons, haven't been able to get a demo yet. One of the selling points of the Phoenix by Innuos, is that it can be used between any source and USB DAC.

 Well it also means that any re clocker should work between an Innuos Server and DAC. The one drawback to me is that the Phoenix isn't cheap, at least as far as my budget in retirement is concerned. The Company claims that the Phoenix is more than a Re Clocker, with improved power supplies and other improvements. I don't suppose many of you guys have had the chance to compare the Phoenix with other units. Still any suggestions about other, cheaper Re Clocker units to consider? Particularly if you have had the chance to use it with an Innuos Server, but not much chance of that either. Still any advice is welcome, thanks.

Um, OP has a Metrum Octave (about $600 used) and folks are having a religious war about USB reclockers north of $3,000!
I wanted to ask grannyring which dealer he used to buy the 3R Master Time !  I wanted to investigate the 3R Master Time and the 3R USB Renaissance to see which item would be better in my system !
Motokokusangi I don’t see what your talking about other then me belittling the usual trolls whom showed up .The OP has a Innuos server this thread has little to do about dacs and everything about the source which the Phoenix or the Ideon Master Time would most definitely will have a across the board sonic improvement.
Robert did and granny hello
I am using a lamp Dac level 4 with auralic Aries LE as source using my I pad as a controller via the DS app. Jumping between SSD hard drive and tidal streaming (hi res)
recently my old I pad no longer works with the the DS app so while contemplating what to do next, I had a gustard USB to spdif gathering dust which I purchased but never really used.
Now I connected this by USB from my regular (noisy desktop computer) into the Gustard then out to spdif on the dac.
(please note this dac uses Amanero 384 USB / SPDIF with pcm and DSD decoding)
The timing space and realism was so much better.(streaming from tidal)
not much different to connecting my CD player directly to my dac
(via spdif)
I am using regular internet albeit totally wireless and no fancy cables just kimber and audio quest.

This got me looking at reclockers etc also ideon / mutec looked interesting also. I would like to go back to USB but I needs to sound just as good or better than spdif
For some reason going back to spdif just sounded right. Now I'm not sure if I should go back to USB.
Please HE!p
I'm hoping this thread will help the novices like me read on with good insight from you guys.
I would be great to see if your response are similar or totally different.
comments please
inshore your input is welcome also.