Which USB Re Clocker

I have been very happy with my Innuos Zenith Mk 2 for several years. The sound  is excellent and ripping is child's play. I have been interested in adding the Phoenix Re Clocker for a couple of years, but for various reasons, haven't been able to get a demo yet. One of the selling points of the Phoenix by Innuos, is that it can be used between any source and USB DAC.

 Well it also means that any re clocker should work between an Innuos Server and DAC. The one drawback to me is that the Phoenix isn't cheap, at least as far as my budget in retirement is concerned. The Company claims that the Phoenix is more than a Re Clocker, with improved power supplies and other improvements. I don't suppose many of you guys have had the chance to compare the Phoenix with other units. Still any suggestions about other, cheaper Re Clocker units to consider? Particularly if you have had the chance to use it with an Innuos Server, but not much chance of that either. Still any advice is welcome, thanks.

There's this new assumption that nothing of good audio quality comes out of a computer USB port because of the horribly noisy computer innards and operating system thrash. Has that ever been proven or is it a very lucrative marketing claim? All these streamers  and reclockers claim superority to laptops but they're computers and often made of cheaper parts and sold at very high markups.

I'm of two minds: Mind#1) It shouldn't make a difference, and Mind# 2) What do I perceive?  Mind#1) is flawed because "knowing" can change perception and blocks  the consideration of new information, and Mind#2) is flawed because listening intently usually changes perception and expectation bias is a real thing.

So, I have a laptop going to a Denafrips Terminator over USB.  I use a Curious USB cablle because it seemed to make instruments  more 3D.  I purchased a much better laptop for streaming because I was tired of swapping my work laptop in and out of my system. With the better laptop, the soundstage is two feet higher.  Getting spectacular clarity, imaging and musicality.  Cant imagine needing more.

So now Denafrips releases a series of Digital to Digital converters (Iris and Gaia) and Terminator owners claim they are getting significant improvements with the costlier model In the chain.  So, Mind#1) It shouldn't make a difference, and Mind#2) I want to experience it.

It's all quite curious, which makes the hobby intriging and fun.
When I taste an ingredient that tastes better it certainly tastes better to me. That is a real and a true experience for me. No bias, no voodoo, nothing but my experienced reality. When I hear my music library in a way that engages me more deeply and causes me to enjoy my music more, then it is really happening. No need to contemplate my navel on the matter. Time and time again I am drawn into the emotion and performance of the music more deeply. Over and over I am experiencing something real to my senses and person. Yes, the reclocker does this for my system and music. No, I did not eat bad pizza or fool myself. I would rather sell the box and put the money in the bank if the truth be told. My bias is on the frugal side and being open minded and have sold +1 pieces in the past that did not deliver. Goodness this stuff is simple folks and stop trying to complicate it. If it looks good to you, then it does! If it tastes good to you, then it does! If the aroma is pleasing to you, then it is!

This site used to be about detailing our shared experience with a piece of gear and learning from that. 

Time to listen to more music!

I use Grannyrings USB cables 2 of them one from my Innuos Zenith 3 to a Innuos Phoenix out to my overpriced lousy underperforming dac ,.LOL ,..

Comments above from people that have not actually listened to any type of reclocker converter device be it for i2s , USB or what have you is baffling to say the least and comical at the same time .,..
I think expensive addons like the Phoenix, need a careful audition, more than a DAC or phono stage say. Presumably you were convinced by a trial in your system, to keep the Phoenix. That is what I'll have to do, when it is possible. I live in the UK and we seem to be more cautious about Covid, than some folks in the US at the moment, no names.
David I found the Phoenix an easy decision to purchase after a short listen just before the parade of experts finally decided what was coming out of China by the plane load was and is a serious threat .