Which USB converter to use with a Berkeley DAC?

I have a Berkeley Alpha DAC (series 1) that I have been using in conjunction with a Primare CD31 as a transport for CD play with excellent results. Now I want to venture into computer audio and am trying to decide with USB converter to use. Any suggestions, past experiences, etc. etc. that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated!
I like my Audiophilleo 2. The fact that it doesn't need a cable to the DAC is a great design.
I would think that Berkeley's own converter would be the most synergistic solution - somewhat pricey though.
Your kidding, right? Berkeley's own converter rates very high.

+1 for the Audiophilleo products. i've been using one for a while now and am very pleased with the performance.

if you're looking to spend more, give serious consideration to the Berkeley interface.
You need the Berkeley. If you use anything else, you wont get the full capability of the dac (you are better off using anything but USB, but that's another story). if you are using USB, upgrade the USB interface on your computer (USB PCIe card). Don't shortchange that beautiful dac. Its like putting cheap gas in your Porsche.