Which USB Cable do you like using

I am considering Wireworld Platinum USB A to B 2.0 meter.

Any thoughts of whoever here has experienced using it or compared with other higher-end USB Cables?
I got the wireworld this week. Quite a jump over a very good Analysis Plus USB.
Wow! $800 for a 2 meter USB cable? Do yourself a big favor: Try to get one on-loan for demo purposes. Then have a friend switch between that $800 USB cable and a well-built $40 2 meter cable and do so such that you cannot see which cable is being used. Then conduuct some listening tests, say 20 or so and let's see how often you can distinguish one from the other.

I have a crisp sawbuck in my pocket that says you cannot do so more than 50-60% of the time (and this can be ascribed to pure chance)...And, please don't take offense, look on the bright-side: if you cannot tell the difference, I just saved you $760, minus the sawbuck, of course [smile].

If you think that's bad wait till you see the Locus USB cables :)

I did swap them out for my friends at a shootout a while back and a lot of them found the changes from USB cables we used that day quite noticeable.

There were: Acoustic Revive 1.0SP, Locus Cynosure (v1) and a cheap one used for a USB printer :)
I'm a little biased b/c I sell them, but I think that the Revelation Audio Labs DualConduit USB is very, very good.
So far have used the Wireworld Starlight and Furutech Formula 2. The Formula 2 is connected now. I found it a little less in the highs but a fuller sound overall. May try the Starlight again. From what many say, 1.5 meter is the ideal minimum length for these cables to avoid sonic anomalies.
i agree with many of you the nay-sayers that USB cable shouldnt cost that much. but please try the cable first and then comment :-)

i myself tried (and bought) WW platinum starlight and had jaw dropping moment stunned on how good the sound is...

very strange hobby but fun...

thanks for all feedbacks
I read (computeraudiophile)that some people could not listen platinum starlight usb cables,they were unlistenable in their systems,too much atention to upper midrange and high freqeuncies.At first sight yes they provide as it looks quite jump over cheaper usb cables,but it doesn't necessary mean they would work in all dacs and systems.
This is, after a very subjective matter. What i would to uphold is that hobbysts should respect others' choices....
I've honestly had good luck with premium Belkin and Dynex USB cables. My audio systems have sounded really nice with them in place when I wanted to use a computer as a source. I haven't felt the need to change at all.
I'm considering cables to connect a Mac Mini to the USB port of an Oppo 105 that outputs balanced stereo. I'm surprised no one mentioned the AQ Diamond. Is it out of favor?

Give the DH Labs USB a try - its very fast and pretty nice quality - @ $70 for 1 meter cable
You ought to try the WyWires USB. $429 for 1.5M and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Very analog sounding but detailed and very coherent.
I don't enjoy using USB1 or USB2, but the Entreq Konstantin USB that is the best I have found.
I recently made usb cable from red copper Tasker(cable company from italy),bought 2 usb plugs type A and Type from elctronic shop,quite cheap,but sound is very full and clean
Guys, just for my understanding, if you don't mind please. Which USB interface are we talking about, synchronous or asynchronous?
As far as my search goes, mean online read and advise by friends only, you shouldn't be worry about USB cable if your connector is asynchronous and the basic cable must do the trick. With basic I mean something like DHL Labs or similar to it.

I think even Gordon Rankin which pioneered the use of async USB and has one of the better implementations of async USB today still doesn't completely disregard the quality of USB cables.
Using DHL Labs silversonic 2m and I think its very good, however this is my first USB, so, cant say the last.

Just replace the Oyaide 5S Continental by Acoustic Revive USB 1.0PLS.

The Acoustic Revive simply sounds more real and more enjoyable than the Oyaide in my system.
This is very nice one Cchang, but almost 3x higher priced than Oyaide.

Anyone tried Silnote Audio Silver statement USB?

We tested Wireworld Platinum against the Acoustic Revive 1.0SP and the Revelations Audio Labs dual headed one today. IMHO the Revelations was my pick (and I own the other 2! Dammit :) )

And it's not too expensive either.
I've gone from AQ Carbon to AQ Coffee, which was a big step up, and now Mapleshade's best. The Mapleshade, for less $, easily sounds better- smoother, less electronic, which is saying something, as I thought the Coffee was quite nice.
I recently got the RAL Dual Conduit and was pleasantly surprised by the difference over my last cable- an AG Pangea. And I don't even use a separate power supply with it yet.

FWIW, it is the only high-end cable that I have tried, but it's a keeper.