Which Universal Player has Beefiest Power Supply?

I was just wondering which of the under $2,500.00 universal dvd/sacd/dvd-audio players has the biggest and best power supply?
Does this also mean that it may have the best bass and dynamics as well?
The Sony NS-999ES and Denon DVD-2900 both have fairly large linear power supplies. Redbook CD is fairly good with either, and both play SACD. Only the Denon handles DVD-Audio. The similar current Denon appears to be the DVD-3910. The DVD-2910 seems to have a much lighter build quality and probably uses a switching power supply, but I have not actually seen the interior to confirm it. Good luck!
From what I understand the Denon 2900 has a switching power supply. Some modifiers add a linear power supply to it.
What about the Onkyo DV-SP1000?
From pictures and from some info I have gathered, it looks like it has a healthy power supply.
Does anyone know if it uses a linear or a switching power supply?
A disc player has very modest power requirements. For a power amp, the DC power supply is very important, but for a disc player it is way down the list of things to worry about.