Which types of speakers are ideal against a wall?

I currently have rear ported floor standing speakers (Dali Euphonia MS-4) against the wall due to no other room options.  Are these speakers feasible?   I also have 2 Rel 528s along side each speaker.  I am looking at replacing the speakers.  I also have 2” acoustic treatment w 2” brackets behind the speakers.  Any speaker suggestions in the the 5-7k range (used) welcomed.  

Modwright 150 SE 
Dali MS-4
Rel 528 Qty 2

Room 15 w open wall  and 17 L 
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I have 2 inch acoustic broad band treatments behind speakers with 2 inch extender brackets pushing them out further from the wall.  Is this typically a best (placement / product) practice for treatments?  I also have one in the right corner with corner brackets. The left side does not have a corner or wall.   I also have one inch treatments on the back wall but wonder if diffusers would be better here?
As mentioned the Vortex by Von Schweikert are designed for that.

The older NHT 2.5, 2.9, and 3.3 (which is a damn fine speaker) are also designed to be up against a wall.  

If you can find some 3.3's... you could do a lot worse.  Absolutely zero issues because of the wall coupling. They are designed for that.

There is someone out there that makes foam strips also for the fronts.
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Vivid as not too bad very close to a wall. This was feedback from Vivid founder and also a local Vivid dealer. I have heard them away from the wall and they sounded great.