Which type of tube monos for biamping?

I would like to find a pair of fairly inexpensive (under $2k) tube monoblocks to power the mid/tweets on my Von Schweikert VR2s (90db, 8 ohms). An audio friend/dealer let me borrow his Audio Note Quests. The sound was fantastic but unfortunately I just can't afford them and I think in this particular application the Quests were overkill anyway. Since I am only going to be using them on the upper frequencies, is a 300B design the way to go or is there a more affordable alternative that would provide me the same sound quality and adequate power?

I've just plumped for a pair of Shanling SP-80's, which appear to be within your budget. I'll be posting a review soon. If you get the chance, do give them a listen.

Briefly: 50 wpc rating, massive transformers, two EL34's in p-p, 6SN7 and 6SL7 drivers, 4 and 8 ohm outputs, remote control, and they look like locomotives for the Orient Express. Very classy. With stock tubes, sound is good in the bass and excellent in mids and highs: fast, airy, dimensional, rich.
Check out Rogue...I think they might have some in that range (used??).