Which tweak for new amp: PC or footers?

I will be taking delivery this week of a used Aragon 4004MKII (2 x 200w; about 65lbs.)I have $100 avaible to tweak it with either an upgraded PC (like 12 or 10 gauge) or a set of footers (like Vibrapod feet + cones).

Which would be the better choice - PC or footers?
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Listen to amp for several months before considering tweaks.
Yah :I would definatly not buy anything until I am comfortable with knowing what direction I need to go with a tweek..How do you know until you try it..?
How about some high - end fuses?
My vote is no rubber anything under amp.Bdrs and a good high current capable power cable(copperhead)ect is all you need...imho.
Hi-Fi Tuning fuses or a better PC(PC first). The Vibrapods will help, but won't provide nearly as much improvement(unless you've REALLY got some resonance issues) as power supply upgrades. Try to find a good used 10ga PC for max-benes.
Thanks for your responses.

Think I'll get used to the amp first before I tweak anything.