Which turntables?

I'm in the process of getting ready to play my vinyl again. I have three nice turntables but only want to keep one or two. Which one(s) should I keep?

Yamaha PX-3
Denon DP-59L
Sony PS-8750

Your thoughts are appreciated.
I would choose between Denon and Sony as both were known as makers of quality TTs, I don't think Yamaha made them so it is an OEM one or a renamed model from another company. It still may be good but I have had experence with the other two lines.
Loose Denon, Yamaha is a very nice and original table. Stanwal, if you are not familiar with subject, do not post.
I was an audio dealer during this period and have probably owned more tables than you have ever seen. I was a dealer for Micro Seki, Technics, Ariston, Systemdek, Michell, VPI and several others. Denon made some of the best direct drive tables ever made. I have has Sony tables off and on for decades; I met Bill Conrad and Lou Johnson in 1975 before they started their company when I sold Bill a Sony table. To say that I have forgotten more about tables than you know is a serious understatement. Unlike you I would not deny the ignorant the right to post; so go ahead anytime.
Stanwal...Thank you, I was waiting for that. Merry Christmas.
keep 'em all. great tables are becoming fewer and far between in nice condition.
The Yamaha PX-3 is a direct drive table from the early 80's.

It is an excellent product as were most of Yamaha's belt and direct drive tables. Although they did not receive the notoriety of the Micro Seikis, Denons, Technics, etc. Yamaha's tables were well designed/built. I owned a couple and the YP-701 is one of my personal all time favs.

If in good condition, I would give the PX-3 serious consideration.

Micro Seki manufactured an earlier version of the Yamaha (1 or 2).

Don't remember the 3.

Do you hear any hunt and peck with the Sony when listening to solo piano?

If not, then it's a keeper.

The only flying saucer Denon's I've used had non standard arms (never heard a stock deck).

I'd keep all three (I have three).
By all means keep the yamaha PX-3, or sell it to me. They are awesome. Linear tracking, heavy platter, automatic, and it does an excellent job playing records. It is one of my favorites. If you want to sell it, please let me know.
The Sony PS-8750 is a real winner as long as the motor is speed stable (Dekay's test is the one I would do). The other two are good tables as well. FWIW, I find that the big brothers of the PX-3 don't deal terribly well with low compliance carts (so, jumping to conclusions as I am sometimes wont to do, I expect the PX-3 wouldn't either).

I'm no expert but I have a Denon DP 62L ... seems like a great table and I picked it up for a song but I matched it up with a Sumiko Blackbird. The VTA adjustment on the Denon can’t quite come up enough to work well with the Blackbird. The body of the Blackbird rides really low and I'm thinking I might need to make a switch. I had my local turntable expert double check - the VTA is at max and I even switched to a thinner mat in hopes it would be enough. It's really tight ... I should have done more research.

I really enjoy the sound but I feel another financial beating coming on. Just a word of advice ... if you choose the Denon, pick your cartridge carefully. I'm not sure how similar the tonearms are between the 62L and the 59L but they look very similar.
Vinyl offers far more nuance, and the potential for just plain fun in listening, than just about any other format. So, why don't you just listen to all three with the same cartridge, and see (hear) which one does the best job of letting you forget about the problems at work or ... When you can determine which one makes you log the most hours listening, you'll know which one is the best. Trust your own ears.
STANWAL, to state that " I don't think Yamaha made them so it is an OEM one or a renamed model from another company." you have to be pretty sure . this is simple not true. I really think you are very knowledgeable in audio field, and you can list all people you know, but if you are not sure, do not post misleading advises. Yamaha, which i currently own, along with sony 8000 i also own, is a very decent table and by no means OEM. Denon 59L, i used to own, could not produce decent sound, being hooked up to VAC PHI-2 trough VAC PHI-70, trough stealth audio indra cables, and meadowlark IBIS speakers. I write from my own experience, not from words of others.
Gtm...my Mac stack is bigger than your Vac stack...
I have no horse in this race as I have never owned any of the three you have listed here, BUT! I truly do suggest that you keep all three and try to use each or maybe rotate each through your system(s) as each are beautiful classics and can hold their own against almost any turntable one can find today short of those more esoteric and uber priced ones sold today. If I had the three you note here I could not make my mind up to get rid of any unless one or more are no longer operating properly. If you do decide to lessen the number down by all means list one or ore for sale as you will have no problem selling any of them.
Personally, I am not sure it matters whether Yamaha manufactured it or not. If Yamaha designed it and had the good sense to have Micro Seiki manufacture it, more power to them. When I am back where it is, I can check to see if it says anything on the back about MS manufacture. In any case, the PX-1 sounds great.
Listen to all three and select the one that sounds best