Which Turntable would be better?

Hey All !

I have a Kenwood KD-500 with a Linn Basik Tonearm (early 80's). Both are in excellent shape. I need to upgrade my cartridge as I haven't used the TT in a while.

I'm wondering if a stock Thorens TD150/TD160 would be a better choice over the Kenwood?

Your thoughts?




BTW the Linn Basik is mounted on a Honduras Mahogany base rather the the plastic covered plywood that came with the KD500.

Keep the turntable, it is an excellent player.  I used to sell the KD500 and also the same but with a Kenwood  "S" shaped arm.  I owned the latter one.   When moving from one home to another, it fell off the back of my Toyota pick up.  I was in the road crying, as I picked up all the pieces.  You will never get the same PRAT  with a belt drive that you get with that Kenwood.  It's a timeless classic.  I would upgrade the cartridge and perhaps the phono stage.