Which Turntable would be better?

Hey All !

I have a Kenwood KD-500 with a Linn Basik Tonearm (early 80's). Both are in excellent shape. I need to upgrade my cartridge as I haven't used the TT in a while.

I'm wondering if a stock Thorens TD150/TD160 would be a better choice over the Kenwood?

Your thoughts?




NO! Just get a good cartridge - an AT740ML is an excellent recommendation! I have the KD-650 in my collection of TTs. These vintage Kenwood's have excellent DD motors (lots of torque) mounted in substantial cast resin plinths. Unlike the Thorens' low torque motor in an MDF plinth. For TTs mass and torque are important! 

What phono stage will you be using? That is something to consider investing in!

BTW, I have a Thorens 160 with an SME III arm. But I prefer the KD650 with the stock arm.