Which turntable to buy?

I am looking at michel gyro se, clearaudio level ll and vpi aries?
Teres. www.teresaudio.com
Agree with Ed Sawyer.
Look at the top Origin Live models. I think they give better value than the other high end tables.
I can only comment on the VPI Aries table. I've had one in my system for 3 years with the JMW arm and very pleased with it. I found it easy to set up and maintain. Prior to the Aries I had Linn LP12s in my system for years. The Aries is a very musical warm sounding player. I plan on keeping it in my system for years to come.
I have had a Gyro SE for a little over 2 years now & I love it. I have recently upgraded to the orbe platter & VC power supply & these further enhance the performance. I can't comment on the other tables, but I have never had a desire to change tables & you always have the option to upgrade as I did. I found the Origin Live Rb 250 is a good arm match with this table, however it is not in the same league as the SME IV.

Hope this helps

I had the Aries with flywheel, PLC, and JMW 10 but now have a Michell Gyro SE and like it better (sonically, aesthetically, and for the space it doesn't require). I just bought an Orbe SE but I'm keeping the Gyro until I am really content that the Orbe is a big step forward. I think the Michell tables are very hard to beat in their respective price ranges.

The Teres tables also look good, but have no suspension -- and while this seems to be preferable if your floor is a concrete slab, those with more flexible flooring may benefit from using a tt with suspension like the Michells.
Then again, I suppose one could rig a suspension system for the Teres if needed...

As it happens, I will be experimenting with defeating the Orbe's stock spring suspension. I found a good way to use BDR cones on the stock plinth and I was going to try setting those directly onto the lower acrylic spider atop Michell's adjustable cone feet or possibly onto ABA lead-shot cupcakes (Whatchamacallits) and see what works best.

Happy Holidays!
ive had the sota star & linn lp-12 & always felt my lp playback system could do better,then i got the michell orbe with wilson benesch act 2 tonearm & koetsu roswood cartridge,i finally feel like my analog front end is finished,sometimes its better to do it right the first time,so you dont loose money upgradeing all the time,happy holidays