Which turntable Rega, Pro-ject or Clearaudio

I am getting back into vinyl and was wondering which of the three turntables would be the better choice, the new Rega P3-24 or the Project RM5 or the Clearaudio Performance.Not sure of cartridge yet, looking at sumkio, grado & clearaudio. I have a Plinius 9200. I have had a long layoff from vinyl so i am not sure what would be a good choice.Your opinions are appreciated. Thanks
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+1 on the Technics. Here are some links that Viridian alluded to:

Review of SL 1200 at TNT-Audio:

Direct comparison between a KAB-modified Technics SL-1200 vs. a twice-as-expensive Music Hall MMF-9 rig at TNT-Audio:

Comprehensive review by Ed Kobesky of Positive Feedback and long thread here on Audiogon:

A post on this forum of a KAB-modified Technics with valuable info on vibration isolation and maximizing the Technics' potential:
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taste in sound? warm/rich or fast/tight?
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I have recently owned several tables; Rega P1, P3, P5 VPI Scout, Technodec, Clearaudio Emotion and currently own the Clearaudio Performance. I can say without hesitation that the best deck for my ears is the Clearausio Performance with a Clearaudio Maestro. They all sound different so it is important for you to decide what YOU like in sound and find something that matches that.

perhaps you could share a blow by blow.
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