which turntable for the future?

Hi Audiogoners,

I've improved my music system with 2 pearls, both from Soulution, Preamp 725 and Pre phono 751. Great improvement but, as you can imagine, my turtable now sounds inadequate compared with the rest of the analog chain.

For the future (not now, sigh!) I'm considering VPI Avenger  or TechDas Airforce V. Today my turntable is a Michell Gyrodec with SME V. I'm in love with its design: a lot of competitors got ideas from it and after years and years is still a star to follow.

I confess: beside the quality improvement, I'm passioned about design. What you would choose? And second question: do you think that a second hand machine would be a suitable solution?



Yeah. None of my business regarding your financial status, but if an everyman like me had a Michell Gyrodec with SME V, I would simply be looking to maximize the performance from that setup. Cartridges, tweaks, etc.


lordy i want an ELP in the worst way. if one has that kind of money to spend [not much more than some of the tables mentioned elsewhere in this thread] that is the table i'd get along with the analog i/o declicker they market with it as well as a SOTA record cleaning machine.

@jafox , oh you think? You would be surprised how poorly some people take care of their equipment. Then there is the question of why they are getting rid of the unit. Most can’t pack the turntable appropriately for shipping as the packing can be frightfully complicated. You can bounce around an amplifier without damage but not a turntable. Only if you know the seller, can pick up the table and hear it in action should you consider a used turntable.