which turntable for the future?

Hi Audiogoners,

I've improved my music system with 2 pearls, both from Soulution, Preamp 725 and Pre phono 751. Great improvement but, as you can imagine, my turtable now sounds inadequate compared with the rest of the analog chain.

For the future (not now, sigh!) I'm considering VPI Avenger  or TechDas Airforce V. Today my turntable is a Michell Gyrodec with SME V. I'm in love with its design: a lot of competitors got ideas from it and after years and years is still a star to follow.

I confess: beside the quality improvement, I'm passioned about design. What you would choose? And second question: do you think that a second hand machine would be a suitable solution?



Do yourself a favor and listen to any VPI, then to any, in the same price range, TechDas, Acoustic Signature, SME, Bergmann, Feickert, Clearaudio, or … it will be very easy to get a quick answer.

VPI is not remotely close to any of these brands.

I owned VPI’s top table, and it was a sad experience. It looks great but that is where things fall apart.

VPI’s designer, does not even “believe” in anti-skating. Since when simple vectors and physics are not facts that are open to beliefs?


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