Which Turntable For Temporary Use/ please read

I'm looking for quick solution on a TT that will be
"the big bang for the buck" , fo maybe 1 year.

I eventually want the Raven TW Acoustic ,that's my choice.
I love this TT it has great PRAT

I have a Emm labs CDP & Dac DCC2 so pretty good front end.

So to the TT
1- Thoren TD124
2- Linn Sondek LP12
3- Garrard 301 or the 401 don't the difference

If you can spare a minute or 2 of your time from your experience view point that would be much apprciated
budget app $ 2,000.00

I listen to classical and Jazz with the 15% of R&R
Forgot to mention my system set up

Coincident Total Victory 2 speakers
Atma Sphere MP1 with phono stage and 140 watts mono 2006
Emm labs CDP and DCC2
power purifiers, Isoclean 80A and Walker
Cords/////// Purist -Dominus and Stealth Indra interc, some Kubala emotion PC, speaker cables conicident extreme.
some room treament.
that it I think.
You're comparing 3 very different machines. Your question is asking about very old vintage and vintage - Garrard/Linn/Thorens.

Were it me, I'd use the budget on a new Rega P3 with a good cartridge and power supply unit. All Rega TT, Exact cartridge, and PSU would come in under your price, offer very good performance for the interim while you learn what it is you're looking for in vintage (other than price) and you might find that an upgrade isn't needed.

Rega's are famous for good PRAT.
Considering current pricing and what's involved in getting one of the old tables running, I'd go for the Garrard 301 oil bearing model.

Cost will probably be around $1200.00 for table. Add a decent arm and you should come in under the $2000.00 mark.

You might be surprised by the Garrard, especially if you keep it for comparison after you buy the Raven.
linn now sells a whole lp12 package for between 2 and 3k. might just be a keeper. otherwise pick up a denon 500m
I have heard all 3 and owned 2 of them ( Linn and Garrard). The Linn is sweeter to my ear, and more versatile. That's my pick.
If I were in your shoes I'd look out for a Townsend Rock with an Excalibur tonearm on board,this should come in under budget and maybe even leave enough to buy a decent cartridge as well.
It may be a little more difficult to source out a Rock,But I feel it would be worthwhile as it would outperform IMHO the other decks on your shortlist.
Happy hunting
Lets look at cheap, but practical.
The Musicians Friend is offering a GemSound turntable for $99, shipped free. It has a s-arm and AT cartridge.
I know this takes courage to believe it can do the job of audiophile stuff. I have an Aries/Clearaudio etc setup. The Gemsound, which I use for vinyl to computer transfers sound great. Then there is the fear factor, in possbile finding cheap can do the job. Your audio life will never be the same. I dare you!
I'd go for either of the Garrards-potential for sound that you may prefer over the 'Raven', easy resale for 'at least' what you paid if you decide to sell.

Doing the whole-plinth build thing is some work, but I presume you know that. The Thorens will require the same, the Linn, though less work initially, will have it's own setup issues.

But all three of your choices will provide great musical enjoyment at little/no final expense when you change decks.