Which turntable?

Hi all,

after several years of keep trying CDs I decided that still the best sound comes from LPs on a turntable. And now I want to buy one, nut I dont know what. My budget is quit limited and I dont know if I should buy used one or a new one. After studying the market I came to chose from:
- New Pro-Ject 1.2 Comfort
- New Rega P2
- Used Pro-Ject RPM 6
- Used Pro-Ject 6.9 or
- Used Pro-Ject 2 Xperience

Now, from your experience, to which one should I go?

Thank you very much

Don't forget the budget for the cartridge. I own a Rega planar 3 and I like it. I've never heard a project table.

There are also Rega made tables by NAD, Goldring, and Moth that might be available for less.

But a great, great starter table would be a rega p2 (or used P3) with an audio-technica at95e cartridge. For a more expensive cartridge try a denon dl-110.

If you get the P2 you'll need a stylus force guage, such as that from sure (I'd recommend also getting one of these even if you get a P3, or other table that has stylus force built into the tonearm).

And a record brush, such as audioquest, or decca.

And a simple wet-cleaner, such as disc-doctor (this makes a huge difference .. don't underestimate the effects of a cleaning, even if you do it in the kitchen sink).
Project 1.2 has been discontinued. The replacement is the 1 xpression. It has a much better tonearm made of carbon fiber and better tonearm bearings. It is supposed to be quite an improvement over the 1.2 which was a great budget table. It lists for $430.

I would suggest this table with an upgrade path available as your collection grows. You can add a speed box $100, a better cartridge, better phono stage and finally upgrade the table itself. I hear it is more capable than other budget tables in taking an upgraded cartridge.

I am happy with my Project RM-4. I am using a Sumiko Blue Point Cartridge. Having heard the RM-6 in a different system with a Blue Point special (IMHO) you can't go wrong with either setup.

I suspect you will get lots of opinions in this forum. Listen and let your ears be the judge.

Good luck in your search.

Remember to take the system as a whole.
VPI Scout or Pro-Ject Debut II