Which Turntable?

Looking for feedback on Transrotor turntable from Germany. The specific model is called Super Seven ST. Price is around $2000 and includes an SME 3009ST tonearm. Others I am considering are: JA Michell Gyro SE, Pro-Jet Perspective, Avid Volvere, and SME 10A. Anyone out there familar with these tables, especially the Transrotor? Thanks
Better check out the SME 20/2. Simply the best out there .....
In that price range, you should consider the Wilson Benesch Circle w/ACT 0.5 arm. Even with my current cheap cartridge, it does things unimaginably beautiful music. I believe the Analog Shop in NY is a new dealer for them. WB's website is www.wilson-benesch.com. Good luck!