Which tubes would you recommend?

I have an Anthem Pre 1 preamp.I'd like some advice about which of these tubes wouldyou recommend: Electro Harmonix 12AT7,Phillips NOS 12AT7,Sylvania NOS 12AT7,GE NOS 12AT7,Westinghouse NOS 12AT7. Thanks in advance for your kind attention!
I'd recommend doing a search of the Member's systems for the Anthem Pre 1 to see if anyone might have one in their system. Then, contact the member directly for their advice.

Any of the 1950s or 1960s vintage tubes are going to outperform new production tubes, IMO.
Check Joe's Tube Lore at Audio Asylum where you can get a detailed description of the characteristics of the various 12AT7 tubes. Be forewarned, JOe does not like the 12AT7.
The Mullard 12at7wa also known as cv4024 is very popular. I believe I read Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio said it is the quietest and most robust in this family. It also has a nice tube sound that's not too tubey. My favorite.

You can get NOS ones on Ebay for about 35 bucks a matched pair.
consider a ge 5751 black plate in lieu of any of the above. a second choice would be a ge 5814 black plate. choice three would be mullard 12ax7 longplate.
one of the best 12at7 tubes are the Amperex Bugle boy .May be other big names too but to me this ones the all around best for the $$$
With all due respect...the $35 CV4024 we have would be for the top grade and will have the tightest triode balance, lowest noise and hum, and tested for the highest gain line or phono stages. Each tubes is measured in circuit, and listened to with headphones.

So the princely sum of $35 ain't much. Certainly not a profit center here at Upscale Audio.

But they are the best made 12AT7 ever so even if you do buy off E-bay or "The 99 Cent Store" you may be OK.


Kevin Deal