Which tubes is better. Siemens or Telefunken?


I need help. I recently brought a Musical Fidelity X-10D for my Pioneer CLD-97 LD player. Right now the X-10D has Philips ECC88 tubes and i want to change it to another tubes for better sound. Which brand of tubes should i get?
Siemens, Telefunken or another brand?

call Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio for relevant tube recommendations. He's on Audiogon.
Just get a good DAC and forget about patches.
Just my .02.
I have the same unit replaced the philips with some 60's Amperex,gold pins-sound superb-warmer overall and rounder bass-I also have a pair of Raytheon 7308's which are better than the Philips but not as good as the Amperex.
Kevin tends only to sell to previous customers especially NOS 6922's.
There's an excellent FAQ/Description of NOS tubes somewhere on the Web,can't remember where now perhaps a search might throw it up-it details the best of NOS tubes.
I'm in the UK,I believe buying NOS tubes here is about the only aspect of hi-fi that's cheaper than the US.
I've messed about with this unit a bit,I think whatever quality NOS tubes you use will be an improvement but I think also you have to be realistic about the improvement it will make considering the cost of the X-10D.
Good luck.
I've used Siemens and Telefunken, but for different applications. Both were excellent. The Siemens was ECC88. I spent quite a bit on these tubes, but the improvement was by far one of the most cost effective improvements I've made in the system in a long time.
The NOS FAQ section Ben Campbell is likely referring to can be found at Audioasylum.com..go to tubes section and from the upper left hand corner you'll get to info on NOS 6922 and variants.
JMAN that is the very one thanks...
Both tubes are fanstantic tubes, just different sounding. The Siemens are transparent, extremely detailed, airy, with a tight bass. The Telefunkens are warm, rich, transparent, naturally detailed, with a softer, more rounded bass. In the right system, either would be beautiful.
fletchj is absolutely right in my opinion and rch10 at IBM probably has never heard what tubes can do. Cheers,
A good NOS tube will be very quiet also.They are perfect for phono stages.
I have 2 Telefunken 12AX7's in my Rogue 99 phono and the noise floor is almost as quiet as my old Lehmann Black Cube... which is saying alot!!
What's better- Chocolate or Vanilla ?? Siemens and Telefunkens are two of the finest NOS tube brands ever produced. You must determine exactly what characteristics you are after in a tube and then find the tube(s) to fill that specific need. If your component uses more than 1 pr. of tubes in the output stage- also consider a combination of different tube brands. Think of it as adding various spices to the sauce- A great sauce typically doesn't just contain salt and pepper.