Which tubes for eastern electric phono preamp?

I really like my EE minimal phono preamp. It’s clean, clear and neutral but I wish it had a bit of the bloom
that tubes are known for. Any suggestions for a tube set, AX7 s that would give me that tube magic?

My system is: gyrodec/shelter 501, EE minimax phono, exposure 3010s2  ,spendor A6
thanks for your input
I've owned the EE Minimax phono preamp for about 15 years.  Some years ago I replaced the original 12ax7 tubes with NOS Mullards from Upscale Audio. Expensive, but a very worthwhile upgrade.

The phono preamp was plugged into an EE M520, then a Rogue Cronus Magnum, and now a PrimaLuna integrated - - the preamp worked well with all of these tube integrated amps. 

But . . . as others have asked, what are your other components?
Are you using any other tube components? If all solid state, NOS Mullard or Brimar. RCA blackplates have a classic tube signature.

Try Telefunkens,their famous for 12ax7 Tubes .
or mullard .

What's in it now?
Talk to Kevin at Upscale Audio.