Which tubes are better...

Just curious on which of the two tubes are better, GE 12AU7 or Jan/Philip 5814A. The 12AU7 are stock in my Belles but I have a new pair of Jan from my previous Rogue Cronus Integrated Amp. Didn't know if it would be a waste of time swopping to possibly an inferior tube.

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The best tubes that I ever used in my Belles preamp were the Mullard CV4003 from Upscale Audio. The platinum grade are only $40 each.

Of the two you mention above, I would try the JAN Philips 5814. Swapping tubes in the Belles is very easy and only takes a few minutes...go for it!


Thanks for the response, I contacted Upscale two hours ago and ordered two pairs of CV4003's. Should have them in about 7 days. I was torn between the clear top but the word
musical seem to be the theme of Mullard users.

Wig :)

I also have the Mullard Cv4003 in my PL Dialogue 2 Integrated. Please post and tell how you like them. They are my favorite NOS I have tried. Enjoy!

I tried the RCA clear tops also, (in addition to ALOT of others). They are good, but not on the same level as the Mullards...in the Belles preamp anyway. You should really enjoy the CV4003's.
I believe my GE 12AU7A tube are on their last leg which I thought are rather new since the unit I bought was a demo with light use. I have been noticing static in the right channel but thought it was the running washing machine or dish washer. But after swopping to the Jan 5814A two days ago, the soundstage snapped into focus and there's much more detail and ambience. I can't wait to get the Mullards and GE BP 5814A triple micas. I know for a fact that my MIT S3's are a bottle neck in my system and hope to find something that is neutral.

I received both CV4003 Mullards and GE 5814A BP triple micas. The BP are very neutral and the sound is phenominal, open, detailed and dynamic. I'll try the Mullards in a few days to see which ones I'll decide to use.

Wig, you realize that when that pre-amp is plugged in the tubes will stay powered up, albeit at a lower voltage 24/7.
Now aren't you glad I gave you the tip on those Ge's.As for the CV4003 I will boldly state that IME they are awful.

Good luck

Thanks for the recommendation! I'll let you know how the Mullards sound in my system.

I have decided that the GE BP 5814A in my system are much better than the Mullards. The GE's are more detailed and microdynamics are easily revealed. I may like the Mullards more when I update my S3 interconnects but we'll see when the time comes. The GE get my vote.