Which Tube Tester for 2A3 and 5Z3 tubes?

I own a B&K 606 Dyna Jet tube tester, but it's manual does not have measurements for 2A3, 300B or 5Z3 tubes, so I'm assuming I cannot test these tubes on this unit.

Which tube testers provide testing for these tubes?
It is possible to use, but it requires some imagination.
I use a B&K 707. Get a octal to UX4 socket adapter, use socket 33, or the one used for octal rectifiers. TEST 2 will test the anode output. Set the filament voltage to whatever your tube is, erring in the lower range i.e. 1 for 1.5 filament voltage or 6 for 6.3 etc, and put the sensitivity at 0. Use a known good tube and set sensitivity so that test 2 registers 120 then record the values as a standard for that tube. You can then test and match any other UX4 tube or tube set of that kind.
RZ3 rectifiers can just be tested with the UX4 adapter as if they are 5u4.
Hi Grant,

Most or all of the vintage Hickok's will test the 2A3 and 5Z3. I have a "Supplementary Test Data Book for Models 533A, 600A, and 605A" which lists the settings for those models for those tubes. I have a Hickok 800A tube tester, for which I've always found those settings to be directly usable, at least on other tube types that I've tested.

A test can certainly be run on the 300B on those testers, also, but the plate voltage they can apply will be too low for the test to be fully meaningful. I've seen the Triplett 3444 specifically recommended for testing of 300B's. It can provide a plate voltage of around 250 volts, as opposed to the usual 125 or so.

If you end up acquiring a Hickok and you want to know the settings for the 5Z3 and 2A3, let me know and I'll look them up.

Taking out a subscription to Antique Radio Classified, and placing a want ad, may be a good way of finding a suitable tester at a reasonable price.

-- Al
Gentlemen, thank you for your suggestions.
Tvad, this is a site i have found useful.