Which Tube Phono Stage around $1k?

I'm looking for a phono stage to mate with my Linn LP12/Ittok arm and a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge. The line stage is a VTL 6.5. In the under $1k range, the Underwood Level 1 mod of the Jolida JD9a looks promising at $800. Totally stretching my budget would be a used or demo Audio Research PH5, but maybe someone can convince me that it's worth the stretch. A similar stretch might be a used Cary 302. Any comment on these or others I should consider? I'm pretty much dead set on tubes. I'll have to hear a really convincing endorsement to consider anything solid state! Thanks

Hello. The Sonic Frontiers Phono One should be on your short list. It uses four 6922 tubes, external settings to match your catridge, comes in three configurations, low / med / or high gain settings (check to see which setting the unit is).

A used unit will be around $800 - $900, the SE version $1100 - $1200. The best phono pre that I've used in that particular price range.

Happy hunting!
Nice unit used for a kilobuck or less.

the hagerman cornet has a very lively midrange
A used BAT VK P5 will fit your price range. I use mine with a LP12/Ittok combination and have no complaints. Top to bottom good all around phonostage. 2 6SN7's and 8 6922's, dual mono construction. They will accept any cartridge down to .4mv. Anything lower and you may need to send it back to the factory for some modification. There are one or two for sale right now. I have no affiliation with the sellers. Good luck in your search.
The best phono stage I've ever heard under $1K is the Wright WPP 200. Lists for $825. Disclaimer: I may be selling mine because the new preamp I bought has a built-in phono stage. But if I do so, it will be with great reluctance. Just a spectacular preamp.
I recently heard a mod'ed EAR 834p that a friend brought over to try in my system. It was an absolutely fantastic phono stage which now has me looking into one. I will probably opt for a mod'ed 834p instead of a used P5. I've heard the older Wright WPP 100 had some noise issues, maybe the 200 addresses that though.
I agree with Dlwask about EAR - I really didn't know they could be had for less than $1K - superb pre-amps - I have an EAR 324 in my main system. However, would still listen to the Wright if you get a chance. Mine is not noisy.
Springbok10 - if possible could you tell me how the Wright WPP 200 and EAR 834p phono stages compare? I am in the same situation as Pscialli.

Those I am considering at the moment are the Wright WPP200, modified EAR 834p and used BAT VK P5.

Of those three the EAR would wind up in the $1500 range, which gets is close to the new ARC PH5 or a used Pass XONO. Those last two I would consider end of the road type components and is my dilema.

Pscialli, I'm not trying to hi-jack this thread...I'm just in a simillar situation.
I haven't heard the 834, only the 324, so cant compare the ones you are considering. But EAR stuff is awesome. I really like the WPP 200 as well - good choices! You probably cant go wrong with either.
The unmodded Jolida phono stage is a spectacular value. Just swap out the tubes for something a bit higher quality.

I am thoroughly pleased with mine. Quiet, balanced, dynamic. Perfect with a good MC and table.

My system:
Music Hall MM7
Jolida phono pre
Rogue Cronus integrated
Jolida CDP and Tuner
Vandersteen 2Ces
Tara RSC prime speaker cables
Synergistic alpha one ICs
PC Audio humbuster & power strip

Audio bliss!
Would second the BAT P5 recommendation. If you saw any pics of the inside of this beast (it weighs 40lbs.) you would be amazed that it could even be sold for under $4k, let alone around $1k used...
I see what you mean Denf, the P5 is stuffed full of good stuff.

How quiet is the P5 when compared to the 834p? The 834p I had in my system was whisper quiet, maybe the step up transformers?

Anyone hear the Blue Circle phono stage, the BC27pi?
Check out the Cornet Classic re-issue, $699.

Hagtech (Jim right?), if things work out I'll be auditioning your Trumpet phono stage in my system next week. I am anxiously counting the days!
Dlwask - I'm running the Hagerman Trumpet in my system now using a K&K step-up transformer. NOS RCA 12AU7 tubes and NOS Mullard 12AX7 tubes, both quads from the late '50s. I am very pleased with the performance.
Can anyone describe in some more detail the differences they have heard between the ARC PH3, BAT P-5, and EAR 834p?