Which Tube integrated for Virgo?

I want to try tube amps on my Virgos, I prefer integrated for simplicity, but are they not as good as seperates in general? Any sugestions are really appreciated.
The new Rogue Audio Integrated is a great deal for $2150 with remote. It is flexible if you wanted to use a preamp you can use it as a power amp or you could add an 88 as a power amp and biamp. I have heard the virgos with the Audiomat Prelude, sounded good but has less power and is a lot more money.
One of the best demos I ever heard was the the AP Virgo driven by Audio Research CA50 and supplemented by the AP Rhea subwoofer.

Regarding the general question of integrated vs. separates, at some high level separates pull away from integrated, but at real world levels integrated have much to offer. With units from Jeff Rowland, Conrad-Johnson, Musical Fidelity, Sonus Faber, Pathos, Krell, etc., it's clearly possible to get first rate sound from integrated amps.
Cary makes a 845se int. sold only by upscaleaudio.com it should have the extra power you should need.I don't think a 300b based se amp would have enough power.
There really, as far as i am concerned, only 3 intergateds for this speaker, based on one's preference. Cary sli80 sig., Manley Stingray, VAC Avatar. The Cary is my favorite of the group, most musical as well as the most powerful(in ultralinear mode). The Manley is great for making you tap your feet, it really has the "timing" down of individual instruments and the ensemble as a whole(but not the most detailed in an SET kind of way); The VAC does the dance between the 2(Cary, Manley). I haven't heard the Rogue yet, so that could be a poss. the Cary has a remote, headphone, 40 watts triode/80 ultralinear, can switch output tubes (6550,kt88...)killer sex appeal(although nothing touches the MAnley here), and most importantly, is extremely musical!
i bought my first tube amp--cj's mv55--having auditioned it and vtl and arc's comparable offerings through a pair of ap virgos. give the mv55/pv10 combo a listen. personally, i liked that set-up better than the cav50 (cj's integrated offering) with the virgos. good luck.
Check out the EAR integrated amps.
Good Luck
To my ears, the Jadis integrated amplifiers(Orchestra, Orchestra Reference, DA-30, and DA-60) are the finest tube integrated amplifiers available(exotics excepted). Superior to Audio Research, Cary, Conrad Johnson, Jolida, Kora, Manley, Rogue, VAC, and VTL in terms of parts/build quality and sonics. My intention was to not buy a integrated, but a power amp, I was impressed enough by the Jadis integrateds to buy one. Yes, they are that good.
Have auditioned the Virgos with a short-list consisting of KR, Jadis (Reference -- see Trelja), and Pathos (the twin towers or something like that). The results were very good. IMHO, the KR came first, Jadis ref 2nd, Pathos a close 3rd. I auditioned with classical, sources being a Clearaudio ref TT / Discovery for LP and a Symphonic Line CDP for digital.

You could add these to the suggestions above.
Good luck!