Which tube int. amp to pair with Spendor S3/5

I've been using my S3/5's with a little Creek 4330R for a while now, but I think it's time to go with tubes. I've been thinking about these 2:

PrimaLuna Prologue One
Jolida 302B

I've had my eye on the Jolida for a while now, but just recently heard about the PrimaLuna. They both are EL-34 based giving the midrange that I crave. It seems the Prima may have better build quality, and assembly....but I am not sure the Prima's 35W can equal the 302B's 50W. The spendors are very inefficient at 84dB, but I heard their load is quite favorable with tube amps.

I don't know, if 35W is enough for the S3/5 then I might just have to go for the PrimaLuna, or should I stick with the tried-and-true 302B's? What are your thoughts on these amps?
The Eastern Electric tube integrated works very well. $1800 at retail.
Try a used c-j CAV-50 amp!

Good Luck!*>)
I had a 502B and I now own the Prologue One. Beleive me - The Prologue's 35 watts are quite enough coming off the 4330R. The Primaluna build quality is superior and sounds exceedingly smooth. Try one - you won't be disappointed.


I would be a bit wary of the Jolida. I know a dealer that gets a lot of them back for repairs. He said that in the past the repairs were pretty minor, but in the last year and a half or so, he has had a lot of problems with expensive parts, like the output transformers.

I have heard several different Spendors, including the S3/5, driven by amps made by an Italian firm, Synthesis, that do a very good job of bringing these speakers to life. I believe their website is synthesis.co.it.

The two reasonably priced tube amps that impressed me the most at CES this year were the integrated amps made by Rogue (@$1800) and an integrated by a Chinese firm, Consonance. Both sounded great in their respective systems, the Consonance also looks pretty good to boot.

Is there any reason that it has to be a tube amp? I've heard the S3/5 sound very good with Naim electronics and I bet they would sound good with other good solid state stuff like Lavardin.

Good luck in your search.
I have a pair of S3/5se upstairs paired with an Exposure 3010 integrated and it sounds wonderful. When we moved last month I hooked the little Spendors up to my Audio Research VS110-driven system before I took them upstairs, and I have to say that the solid state Exposure amp just gives them that much more oomph and drive. I was rather underwhelmed with them on the ARC amp, and they sounded thin relative to when driven by the ss gear. Keep in mind that ARC has some of the best dynamics you can find in tube gear...

I'd recommend you keep on looking for better ss amps to pair with them instead of going tubes, if you're determined to keep these speakers. I've only ever heard stellar reviews of the Lavardin from friends of mine who have heard it in the flesh.