Which tube amp with ProAcs ?

Does anybody have experience with ProAc Tablette 8 driven by tube amp ? I wonder whether one PP, KT88, somewhere about 25W / 8 ohm will be capable enough to drive these small speakers well ?
Listen to these speakers with the EAR 859, single ended, producing a mere 13 watts per channel. Also try the Monster Sigma Retro Gold cables and speaker wire. Absolutely stunning.
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thanx guys ... this helps a lot ...
I have heard a Tablette Signature and a Response 1 driven by a Cary 300SEI integrated SET amp. The combination was magical! But the room was pretty small ... if you have a large room I would imagine that this combination would not be ideal.
I've heard the ARC vsi55 work great with Proac.
That's the one I would buy.
Sounded great with the good old Mac MC240