Which tube amp to buy?

OK, I've switched to Solid State for a while and I do miss the midrange of a tube amp. I'm thinking of buying a medium-high powered tube amp (60WPC to 100WPC) and aren't sure which ones to consider with all the choises. I've been directed to the CJ MV50 and the Citation II from HK. Any opinions on these or experience in comparisons? I am not looking for an analytical sound (like a Sonic Frotiers Power series) I have that currently. I want the midrange bloom and magic. Is there anything out there that is dependable and in the $500 to $1000 range used?
Quicksilver m 60 ,cary rocket, Rogue magnum(I think)in that order. But really hard to recommend w/o knowing your other components and your room. Maybe you should just go listen to a few....
hey jothompson,

you may find your price range slightly limitting, but there are deals to be found!

i'm somewhat biased toward cj gear, but my short list would include:

C-J MV55
C-J Premier 11a
Rogue Audio 88 Magnum
Jolida JD 502B or JD302B (great sounding integrated amp for the money)

i've had experience with all the above and my favorite remains the Prem11a. A little more than you're looking to spend (you can prolly find a deal on a used one for around $1400). I think you'll find it has that midrange bloom & magic you're looking for.

Your price range is definitely limiting. If I were you, I'd look for the VAC PA100.100 which can be had around $1500 to $1700. Considering it lists for $4K and there are many out there, it's a very underrated amp. It also have the full bloom glory that you are looking for.

I have seen the lowly Auricle from VAC a little cheaper and perhaps the Avatar integrated.
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How about Antique Sound Labs Hurricane monoblocks (www.divertech.com). Very powerful (KT88s) as I remember from reading about them, great review in TAS, and only $4400/pair.
In your price range you could get a brand new AMC CVT-2100as. It's an 80wpc hybrid design (jfet input/kt88 output) Before getting one of these I had the Quicksilver Silver 90 Mono Amps. The AMC isn't as refined on top as the Quicksilvers, but it has a similar midrange and tighter bass. Whether this works for you will depend on associated gear. The AMC is fan cooled and the fan can be audible when music isn't playing, but the tubes should last a long time.
Thank you all for your input. I'm going ahead and buying the Harmon Kardon. There is a picture of this exact amp at http://pages.prodigy.net/jimmcshane/citpage.htm. It sounds as though it should do the job quite well. Thanks again for all your assistance!