Which tube amp for McIntosh tube preamp C2200

I've just purchased McIntosh tube pre-amp C2200, I currently connect it with two McIntosh MC7200 (configured for mono) to feed my B&W 830S to listen to jazz, instruments and classic.

Now I would like to upgrade my solid amp (MC7200s) to tube amp. I have in mind for Acoustic Research VT200 mark I, or Rogue tube amps.

I am new for tubes, and would like some suggestion for what tube amps should I go for my McIntosh C2200.

Thanks in advance.
I think you be hardpressed to find a better combo than a pair of Mc 275's...
I've got the c2300, with a pair of 275's running in mono block, pushing a pair of Dunlavy sc-vi speakers. I'm totally happy!
All the best!

I agree with the MC275 suggestions. I had this amp with a C2300 and the combination was great. You might first try just one to see if that will drive your speakers. You can always buy a second one and run them in mono.

The amp is a real workhorse, extremely reliable, responds well to tube rolling and overall has great sonics for the price.
Thanks Jimateo, Lapierre, Tricon_dave for your advices. I will get a MC275 for my C2200 to try out if there is enough juice for my N803S. Will keep you posted.
I know you didn't ask this, but imho the C2200 makes an outstanding pairing with the MC352 SS amp.

Don't forget to replace/tube-roll the 12ax7 and 12at7 tubes in the C2200... makes a huge difference depending on your choices. I've found that the older (1950s and 1960s) tubes make all the difference in vocal and acoustic music.

And also cabling... Morrow MA4 and above ICs... not to speak of the Morrow PCs... particularly the MAP3s...

Now all of those things in combination really, really make things open up and reveal the true musical heart of the C2200. Believe me, it's more than just a beautiful box!

Just my opinions based upon much due dilly,

:) listening,

Thank you Ed. Sorry that I've not check my thread for awhile.

I got extra 2*(12AT7/ECC81) and 2*(12AX7A/ECC83) from the seller of C2200 but not assemble yet.

Still searching for bi-wire cable for my speakers. Will keep posted when putting all together.