Which TT Music Hall 5.1 or Rega P1 or P2

I am look into picking up a entry level TT in the $400.00 to $650.00 range. I auditioned the Rega P1 & the Project Debut and prefered the Rega. I cannot find a local dealer for Music Hall TT that has them to audition. How is the Music Hall 5.1 compared to the Rega's in that price range. Thanks for any feedback. My system consist of:

Plinius 9200 integrated amp
Dynaudio Focus 140's speakers on Sound Anchor 3 post stands
Naim cdp cd5i-2
All FMS cables
The Regas will have [arguably] a better arm whereas the Music Hall is [arguably] the better table...

In that range, you can stretch to a used P3 or new Technics SL 1200 and have enough left over for a nice cartridge. Lots of former threads discuss this topic.

Good luck!
A few years back, I sold my Rega P2 and picked up a MMF5. (Not the 5.1.) But I was never happy with the Music Hall, and ended up buying back the Rega, with upgraded wiring and counterweight. It's a matter of taste, of course. I listen to a lot of rock, and I never felt that the Music Hall played rock 'n' roll as well as the Rega. I've now got a P3, and have been thinking about moving to a Nottingham Interspace, but that's another story.
I concur with Hodu.
I've owned an MMF 5 Se and recently upgraded to a Scout. There was a clear difference with rock and even with just acoustic guitar and voice. The salesman for both tables referred to the MMF as "lazy" compared to the Scout and I think that is a fairly apt description.
Another former MMF-5 owner. Go with the P2! Kmulkey, I also went from the MMF-5 (though not SE) to the Scout and lazy is an accurate term in comparison to the Scout.
Yep...like hearing 20 year old recordings for the first time.
I hope you can forgive this interjection of a Japanese direct drive turntable in the thread, but the price range you mention is right in that ballpark, and it offers an interesting alternative, both operationally and sonically.

You can get a Technics SL1210 M5G from Amazon for $598.95. I actually got mine at a Guitar Center and negotiated down to $500. This model has the upgraded tonearm wire. I added KAB's fluid damper, bringing its total price to $650 and I really like it operationally and musically for every kind of music I throw at it, with great s/n, dynamics, slam, depth of image, and (when properly platformed) inner detail. I've lived with it for over a year and am far happier and more satisfied than I could have imagined when I brought it home.

You can also get a Denon DP500M at BrandToyz.com on sale for $561 (down from $700).

If there is one thing DD turntables are not, it is lazy! They are rhythmic and propulsive with great slam and drive. They are also extremely well built, precisely engineered, machined and assembled, and easy and smooth to use.

The Denon is designed for home use and has a lot of anti-vibration engineered into its physical design.
Thanks for the input. I was leaning towards the Rega.
After owning a Music Hall MMF5 and performing a direct shootout with a Rega P25 (with RB1000 arm, I believe), I would recommend the Technics SL1210 M5G from KAB.
I currently own both a Rega P1 and a Project Debut III. The P1 has been up graded with the Glass Platter option and the Debut with the Acrylic Platter and a speed box II. Cartridges are a Grace F9 Ruby in the Rega and an AT30HE moving Coil in the Project. Now with all that established I like the Rega better as it just seems to sound more open and "real" (even when both tables had their original Ortofon OM5E cartridges). The Acrylic platter was a significant upgrade for the Project as was the speed box. But, If I had to choose between them it would be the Rega. I realize these are not the models you are considering but both Rega and Project seem to have a "Family Sound" in their "flat plinth" product lines. Music Hall tables are basically similar to those from Project (as they are manufactured in the same facility) but the comparable Music Hall versions tend to have a few few more features at slightly higher price levels ie: the MH 2.2 has VTA adjustment the Project Debut III does not. The sound of both models is quite similar.
I hear a lot of votes for Denon and Technics tables. I recognise that they might be very well designed plinths with motors, but aren't they all direct drive and would not you need to upgrade their tonearms to get Hi-Fi sound?
Or those Technics and Denons come with great tonearms as well?
I am asking becasue I her universally that the best budget tonearm is Rega 300, so....I am curious.
Your system warrants better than the P1 or 2. For your budget, within the Rega
line, you'd do best to find a used P3/24 which has the option of the outboard
power supply. This is a major upgrade. It is also upgraded in various ways from
the older P3. It'd be well worth scrimping on the cartridge in the short run if
your budget is tight.

dealer disclosure.
The one similarity shared by the Technics and Rega tables is the benefit they share from upgrades, although in my opinion, the relatively limited, but effective Technics upgrades maximize the table's performance faster and for less money than do the many Rega upgrades.

Perhaps if you mention where you live someone nearby might own one of the tables you are considering and offer you an opportunity to hear it yourself.
Have to agree with Piedpiper. A used P3 would better match the quality of the rest of your system. If you are lucky, you could pick a P3 with cartridge and upgrades for the same price as a new P2.
Notice that I said P3/24, not P3. This is the version that came out a year ago
and is upgraded in various ways from the P3. But the clincher for me is the
availability of the outboard power supply. There are other outboard power
supplies that can be used with any turntable but there is some advantage to
being able to interface directly with the DC motor rather than simply
condition the AC going to the DC power supply of the P3. The price of a used
P3/24 would just fit your budget. IME the Rega is different from and
competitive with the Technics, which is less money. I have not compared a
KAB modded unit though. The real comparison would be a fully modded KAB
Technics with a Rega P5 with outboard PS which would be about the same
amount of money. At that point there would still be other aftermarket
upgrades available to the Rega, for more money. If you got the P5 used you
could add some of those mods and still meet the price of the modded KAB
Technics. How they would compare is a very good question.

Dealer disclosure.
You've probably made your choice by now, but if you haven't, definately go for the Rega - WAY better soundstaging!
I have a six year old NAD 533 table with an upgraded Rega glass platter, RB-250 tonearm, and Goldring Elektra cartridge. This is baiscally a Rega Planar 2 set-up. It sounds absolutely wonderful through my Rogue Audio tubes and Vandersteen 1C speakers. I mostly listen to 1950-1960 small ensemble jazz (Miles, Coltrane, Morgan, Monk, Rollins, Brubeck, etc.), and the "musicality" of my analog front end is a pure joy.

I've listened to a friend's Music Hall 5.1, and thought the sound was "thinner," and not as engaging as with my NAD/Rega. If you haven't already made your purchase, I'd recommend you consider the Rega stuff. Good Luck and Happy Listening !!