Which TT for my system?

Hello folks,

I have assembled a pretty decent system and the final piece being purchased is the Table. I am hoping for some good opinions based on experience and or ownership. My budget is $2200.00 including tone arm. So far I am looking at Clearaudio Champion LMTD and the VPI Scout 2. My system is Martin logan Vantage speakers and DK Design MKIII AMP, I will be using a MM cartridge. I know there many good tables in this range and looking for some opinions. Thank you all in advance.
You can't go wrong with a VPI product. They strongly support their products and have an excellent upgrade path. They are made in New Jersey, and are always there for guidance should you need it.
Second VPI.
I like the VPI.
+4 on VPI. My Scout was quite the eye/ear opener when I got it.
I think i would stretch a bit more for a Vpi Classic.
It's HW's favourite sounding Vpi spinner afterall. ;)
I agree, VPI is the best value. However, made in New Jersey? No way. The parts and most of the assembly is done elsewhere. Also, it is my understanding that some of the components are now coming from China. I believe that Harry will be escaping the high New Jersey tax environment soon, none of which will make a difference in the product.
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Different perspective that sounds very good to me.I am using a Michell Gyro SE with a TransFi Terminator linear tracking air bearing arm. Used TT and new arm about $2,300.
I would opt for the VPI over the Clearaudio. Have you heard any Sota tables-they are very good also.
I loved my Clearaudio Performance, and then tried several other tables, including VPI Aries and Scoutmaster, didn't like either.

Something made me buy the VPI Classic though, I guess I was swayed by all of the great reviews, and it is the best table I have ever owned regardless of price. It's $300 over your budget, but I don't use an isolation platform, speed controller (sold it) or anything else to make it sound great. Very little tweaking. I do have a preriphery ring, but I think everyone should have one.
Well, I have heard others say the same thing about the VPI classic and is tempting. I did get an offer today from a guy that will sell me a Clearaudio Champion Limited with unify Carbon arm and MM Aurum cartridge with Dust cover and Clamp for $1650 shipped, 50 hours on it. I think that is pretty good?