Which Transport? Theta Jade, Proceed CDD, Sonic F. SFT-1

Has anyone compared these transports? Which one would be your first choice, and how would you characterize their sonics.

Basically, none of them is in production now, but all seem to be highly respected. I was informed by Theta that Pioneer has stopped production of its Stable Platter transport for CD play, although not for DVDs. I believe the Proceed's CDM 12 Pro is still available.

I would be using it with a Theta Pro Basic IIIa, Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures, Sonic Frontiers SFL-2, McCormack 225.
Digital transports do not have much of a sonic signature. The digital cable will influence the sound far more than the transport. A quality transport should have high mechanical integrity and a stable, low jitter output.
Transport in sound plays the role of the turntable in the vinyl setup (maybe turntable + cartridge or so)
I vote for Theta, against Proceed, and newtral to Sonic
Hi Kevziek.

I purchased a Theta Pearl transport about 4 months ago. At the time, I was considering getting the Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 and the Theta Data Basics also. I hadn't actually heard any of these units, but ended up getting the Pearl because I found a good deal here from a nice person.

Everything I read about the sonic characteristics of these units seemed to indicate that the SFT-1 had a more laid back, mellower sound than the Thetas. The Pearl is working wonderfully for me hooked into a Bel Canto DAC 1.1. Like many people I like smooth natural sound, but also enjoy the dynamics the Theta imparts. The Pearl has a huge soundstage which compliments my ProAc Tablette 50 Signatures wonderfully. And even though I'm using a solid state Simaudio Moon I-5, the sound isn't harsh or analytical. It's on the warm side and dynamic.

I don't think you can go wrong with any of the units you're considering. Used, the Sonic Frontiers may be about $400-500 more than a Pearl, but I don't think it's money wasted either. Build quality on all these transports is very high. If you're looking for something less aggressive, the SFT-1 may be the ticket. That being said, I personally don't find the Theta to be screaming for attention either. It is smooth when it should be, and dynamic when called upon.

At the time of my purchase I spoke with Ed Deitemeier with Theta Digital. He told me they were having a tough time locating parts for the Theta Data Basic Phillips transports, but that the Pioneer Stable Platter being used by the Jade, Pearl and Miles was still in production. It seems now you've found that the Pioneer mechanism is being discountinued. I would do a search in these forums to find out about any reliability issues regarding the Stable Platter if you're inclined to go that way.

You have a really nice system. I wish I could tell you something about the Proceed, but I've never heard it nor have read anything about them. I think the choice between the Theta and the Sonic Frontiers comes down to what sound qualities you're looking for in a transport and how you want it to help shape the components you already have.

Good luck and happy hunting!
I listened to all that you mentioned and I ended up with the Theta Jade. I thought it was much better and bought it right away. I use a Theta Gen Va as a DAC and they work great together. Very open and warm but not soft. Good Luck to you!
Who has knowledge of the Proceed CDD? Where are all the transport gurus?