Which Transparent speaker cable to chose?

Hello, recently I decided to upgrade my speaker cables as I got also some new gear. My current cables are Van Den Hul Revelation hybrid. They used to play wonderfully with my previous Naim system, but I feel I could get much more from my new system by an upgrade. I took for auditioning the Transparent Musicwave Super cables and listened to them for a week. HFs were hugely improved - much more air, clarity, piano sounded fabulous, probably at some points a bit exaggerated, but overall big improvement. The issue, however, was that I lost most of my mid bass and probably some of the low bass as well. In general it was like my system lost some rhythm and pace, but got much more transparent. I switched cables several times during playback of various music and always the result was the same. I took my decision that I am not ready to sacrifice the body and pace of the music (at least for me it sounds like that) for some more air, so I returned them a day ago. Now I am wondering as there are some tempting offers for second hand Transparent Reference cables, but no option for audition, could I get much different and hopefully better result from them or I should go for another option? In other words what should I expect from the Transparent Reference different than from the Super? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

My system is:
MSB M204 monoblocks
Lamm LL2.1 deluxe preamp
Evo essence music server
Magico S5
All interconnects are AudioMusic
Lots of fans here fur Duelund. Kind of DIY from Parts Connexion.
Nogami Sound Runner is always a great bargain, and good way to start from neutral.

But also, consider your room first. GIK Acoustics, Michael Greene Audio, etc., if you are going to spend more than $100, I'd do room treatments first, then cables.
I used a few.   Still looking for the model that matches what the brand name implies.
@bsimpson - you do not sound very positive abou them. I would appreciate you to share more details - what you like/dislike or miss as I am seriously considering to give a try to the Reference.
I tried Transparent, but went with Audioquest.
In the end, I found Transparent cables to be way overpriced for what they offer, and, as you have discovered, seem to be somewhat imbalanced sound-wise- but that is system dependent, too.
Still trying to sell those Transparent cables...
Talk (call, don't bother with email) to the guys at The Cable Co. in New Hope, PA.  See what they suggest.  Borrow a few things from their lending library.  $ on the rental fee can be used on a purchase.  

Me personally, quite happy with the balance and body delivered by Cardas Parsec speaker cable but very interested in what an upgrade to either Cygnus or Clear Reflection would deliver.   

Good luck.

i like Transparent and have used them for years and slowly moved up the  line. Yes the base did get better up the line.  From the Reference line up they are better than a lot of cables below the Reference line you should be able to find a cable for less that is close or better. Just remember that from the Reference line up, Transparent calibrates the speaker or interconnects for the equipment they are used with. Cables that are calibrated for their connected equipment sound a lot better than the same cable not calibrated.(Which makes it hard to audition their cables at Reference level or higher). There are several Transparent dealers her on Audiogon that sell used Transparent Cables. They will ship the cable to Transparent for the recalibration then ship to you. Takes a little longer but well worth it. Once the cable is recalibrated and registered to you. You can trade up the Transparent line through a Transparent dealer.
Good luck
Thanks 68pete, great advice. In fact I was not aware of this calibration stuff. You just saved me couple of thousands for used Reference cables that probably have been calibrated to another system. I will check with the seller.
If you have the model number and serial number of the cable or interconnect. Transparent can tell you what it was calibrated for and if it needs to be recalibrated for your use.
enjoy Pete
Big fan of Transparent here. I used to own Musicwave Super MM2 IC and PC in an older system. Are you using the Gen5 cabling? I have not had an opportunity to audition this series.  I will second Transparent 's excellent customer service.  Good people.  Happy Listening!
Hello jafant
I have Reference MM2 for my speaker cables and Reference XL in xlr for my interconnects MM2. All calibrated for their equipment they are connected to. No longer have a Transparent dealer close, so i have not heard the Gen 5 in my system have heard it at audio shows. Just for short listening periods. I do like it.
I originally had the Transparent Super with my Sophia 3's and then upgraded the cable to Transparent Reference. I think I got the Ref SCs about 4 years ago, so they are not current models.

Biggest change I heard was in 3 areas: 1) more coherent, organic sound overall, 2) the "Wilson hot treble" from the Sophias cooled down tremendously,  and 3) bass tightened up substantially. Also, music seemed more in the room and less from the speakers.

In my system, it was more like a component-level upgrade than a cable change. As well it should be for the price.

I got a great deal on the upgrade from Super > Ref from my dealer, but I'm not planning to upgrade the SCs again as the cost is just too high.   

Thank You for the follow up. Happy Listening!

I have heard the whole line for MM2 series including the Reference/Reference XL. Very nice cabling that mates well with Wilson Audio loudspeakers.  Happy Listening!
Try the Tellurium Q Ultra black series I use them in my  system including their speakers jumpers they are very transparent cables , it's like the the notes emarge from black silent dark background ,very natural and neutral cables with robust dynamics and bass .