Which Totem Speaker - 12'x14' room

Which of the following Totem spoeakers would you recommend for a 12'x14' room using a 200W solid state power amp?

The One
Model-1 Signature

I'm looking for good tight / controlled bass without the need for a seperate subwoofer.
Model 1 sigs will fill your room w/ good amount of bass without overloading it.
What type of music do you listen to?
12x14 is a smallish space. Along with telling us the sort of music you listen to, could you also tell us what electronics you are using? That will help narrow things down a bit.
I have an all Linn stereo music system which includes the Linn Akurate 4200 (4 x 200W) power amplifier.

I listen to mostly classical, jazz, R&B, light rock, hip hop and dance. That is, all types of music except country / western.

I'd go with the Forest. It's the most versatile of all the Totem's and should match well with both your Linn gear and the music you listen to. The only thing I would suggest is to make sure you can provide set the speakers out at least a foot and a half to two feet from the rear wall. It's a rear ported design that can move a lot of air, so if you want to avoid some "boom" to the bass, give them as much space as you can.

The Hawk is out because, while it's a fantastic speaker, hip hop, dance, and rock, really isn't its cup of tea.

The One's are incredible little monitors that would work well in your space. In fact, I've found they have no trouble playing back any genre of music, to include dance, rock, and R&B. The only reason why I'd recommend the Forest over 'The One' is because The One is much pickier with room placement and matching components. Not only do I feel they may not like the Linn gear, but I'm not sure how much bass you desire. The One's put out a lot of bass for their size, with downright scary dynamics - but they cannot match the Forest in terms of extension and output.

The Model 1 Signatures are also good speakers, but in a bout of irony, I feel they represent the least performance for the buck out of the models you mentioned.
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I prefer the Hawks to the Forest, as they seem to have a bit more realistic midrange. But the Forests are still very good in that regard and have more bass weight, which matters if you like hip-hop and such.
Forest and Hawk can easily produce solid and transient bass down to the 40 cycle or lower. However, IMO, many Totem speakers would perform better with jazz, acoustic guitar, and vocal. That is the focus of the designers at Totem.

Forest may be the only Totem model that could do well with hip hop, rap, and rock. Rainmaker and Staff are also good with a variety of music genres.

Some Totem speakers (Forest and Rainmaker) have good bass extension but that is not their strength. Theirs is in the pin point imaging.

Just a side note.

Dynaudio speakers are very neutral and versatile and can produce the articulate bass that is second to none.