Which Totem is better: Mani-2 or Forest?

I have heard many different and contovercial opinions. Some people say Forest has more bass and better soundstage, some argue that Mani-2 is more detailed and has at least the same bass.
I have Reference S-40 Paradigms - what is the better choice to upgrade them - Mani-2 or Forest?
Thanks for your opinions and time.
I clearly think the mani 2 is a better speaker, but it depends on two things. The first is what type of amp you have and the second is whether you have the room for a stand as opposed to a floor stander. I have the mani 2, but I would easily go with the forest if i wanted a floor stander or if I had an amp that did not have the power and current that the mani 2 needs. I would not go with less than 200w/ch or a high current-levinson krell-amp with the mani 2. good luck.
The Forest (at 8ohms) is a lot easier to drive than the Mani2s (4ohms). Plus, the Mani2 has dual woofers which make it even harder to drive. At the 1992 CES in NYC, in the Totem suite, I heard their sales manager voice a vote in favor of the Forest. For whatever that's worthÂ…
Just to add up some details. My system is Bryston BP-25 (pre) and Bryston 3 NRB (power). So, in terms of power, I think I am pretty OK for both speakers. Thanks for your remarks.
I've auditioned both and thought the Mani 2 clearly superior. Substantially better bass and fantastic sound stage width and depth. But, it costs a lot more, as you need tons of power and top quality stands. I think your amp is enough, but barely. The 3NRB would be plenty for the Forest. On the Mani the differnce between a Classe 201 and a 401 was huge. My opinion is that if you are on an upgrade path, go with the Mani, as you will be rewarded more when you upgrade your amp and other equipment. If this is a discrete purchase that will not get a follow up for quite a while, go for the Forest.
If you can drive them, the Mani 2's are exceptional. They are what I have always dreamed of. A small 2 way that images like mad but with the bottom end of a floor stander.
I compared these two side by side and thought that the Mani2s came out on top.
They were more destinct and precice in there presentation then forrest.
I have the Model-1sig and my next uppgrade will be a pair of Mani2s!