Which tonearm wire

Need replace tonearm wire for rega arm

Is incognito kit the way to go?
I've done the Incognito rewire. It's a well-designed kit and it sounds great, but it's a bit overpriced in my opinion. A cheaper option that uses the same wire is sold by the same fellow who makes the Incognito: Cardas Tone Arm Rewire Service.

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I second the Incognito. Rewired my RB300 and it was fairly straightforward and sounds great now. Only trouble I had was getting the rubber stopper out of the arm tube.
Hi , I installed the Incognito on my rb 300 arm two years ago. Pretty straight forward and easy to do . I used the upraded cardas clips for the cartridge connections. Very happy with it . I personally did not think it was overpriced when you take into conscideration how good of a sound upgrade it is for the money and you get everything you need to do the job. I think I paid 175 US 2 years ago.Some good reveiws on the net. Cheers!